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Basically I've been slightly obsessed over Rune Factory Frontier lately and I cannot stop playing it. The Wii keeps track of what's played and for how long on its message board thing, and yesterday? 7 hours played. Sure, it was my day off but still, damn. I hadn't played it since last summer, but SMT Nocturne and both Digital Devil Sagas got in the way. Also, apparently I can't play Record of Agarest War until this game is beaten, so yeah.

It's actually a refreshing kind of "light RPG" to play, added in with those addictive repetitive tasks and of course, dating game aspects. The concept of patiently cultivating fruits/veggies sell to make enough money and use them for ingredients in food as preparation to tackle the next dungeon is something I find extremely awesome, for some reason. Maybe because cooking for yourself is boring IRL, but if you're making a meal to take with you on some kind of DUNGEON PICNIC to eat in between monster battles is much less mundane-sounding.

Anyway, [ profile] krile has chosen Selphy as my future wife (because, she enjoys deciding which girl I'll pursue in these kinds of games for some reason. Hey, it's an interesting kink). We both agree she is cute/interesting, plus, the hat. Our other choice would be the hetero-chromatic twins, but they're too much work. I mean, you expect me to remain celibate until the post-game? Eff that. Also I would totally marry the elven MILF blacksmith if she were available. When will these games support polygamy anyway, it's what we all want.

I seem to like this game more than the DS version, I'm not really sure why. Not having game overs if you fall in a dungeon is a huge plus, though.
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So what does Capcom do in order to revive interest in the Mega Man franchise, whose track record has been "Step 1, create new series. Step 2, milk the series to death with multiple games which are essentially the same game but with slightly different robot masters until everyone in their right mind has lost interest, Step 3, repeat"? I'll tell you. They make the ninth game in the original series which hasn't had a sequel in years, and they do it all in 8-bit graphics which are essentially rehashed from a game that came out in 1987.

And it works. Holy shit, does it ever work. It is literally the most perfect thing they could have done.

Seeing the title screen with the rockin' MIDI music playing and a copyright date of 2008 is mind blowing, and that's before you've even played any of the game. This game is freaking hard. You WILL die, a lot. A LOT. Because there is no way you can see some of the stuff coming. This is trial and error, or what I like to call "every NES game".

The game will beat you up, treat you like shit, do it again, and you'll be begging for more the entire time. It's obvious there were some people at Capcom who "got it", I mean, just take a look at the purposefully awful "box art" for the game:

So authentic it hurts.

It's ridiculous how simple it was for them to make it fun to take on EIGHT ROBOT MASTERS all over again, but here I am having a blast. Also, we missed you, Rush <3
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There are some technological advances that, once you've experienced them, you can never do without again. In the video gaming world this is also true.

Saving function - so I don't have to write down that 24-character password to pick up where I left off? Is that a zero or the letter "O"? Crap, I accidentally pushed Start before I wrote it all down! NEVER AGAIN

And, as an extension of that, Memory Cards. Because I have nightmares of my copy of Chrono Trigger erasing my save. And it will happen one day, and that will be the same day I die. Battery saves will erase: an inconvenient truth.

Sure, the PS1 memory cards didn't hold a whole lot (I have like.. 5 now, or something) but they've never erased on me, plus you can copy the saves to other cards and back them up. And now with SD cards and hard drive storage you can have 999999999999 different saves for each game, which is my secret fetish.

It was also surreal the first time I rented a Playstation game and realized I could keep the save data from it and pick up where I left off when I bought the game myself. Although, it was always fun renting SNES games and seeing the data of "JEFF" who couldn't get past the first dungeon during the rental period on some random RPG.

Portables: we've come a long way, baby. Like Rechargable Battery Packs. You mean I don't have to spend my allowance on Duracells so I can play my Gameboy? HALLELUJAH.

And as an extension of that, Backlit Screens. I can play past dusk! And no longer will I have to seek refuge next to lamps at family get-togethers to escape into gameland. No, now I hide in the shadows, where it is safe.

Perhaps less important but still pretty cool is Portable Wireless Communication, aka "I don't need to buy a 7-dollar cord to trade Pokemon anymore". Plus being able to play online against other people is good too, I suppose.

Then there's the innovation which prompted all this: Wireless Controllers. Yes, my newfound Wiimote is inspirational. I can turn on the console from the couch! Assuming I don't need to change game discs, I could go days without touching the console itself, which is strangely satisfying.

Yes, there have been wireless controllers around since the NES days, but they sucked and didn't work well at all. Even recently with things like the Gamecube's Wavebird (which I've never used), you have to spend extra cash for them because they weren't included normally with the console.

Now, we are in the enlightened age where one does not need to worry about having their mom trip over their controller cord and mess up their game right before they got to a save point. It's not like that ever happened to me or anything. (It was my dad)

Who can say what the future of gaming holds? Actually we already know, since we've had things like Virtual Reality goggles and the like years ago. Now, if we can just develop a non-sucktastic version~
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I won a Wii off eBay. I truly didn't even intend to, because I've bid on them quite a bit before but I never went over $300 bucks because I don't want to pay that much.

I just randomly bid on one, and when I saw I had new email I assumed it was an OUTBID NOTICE LOL. But nope, I won it miraculously. It should be here by Wednesday, naturally that's the only day this week I have school due to holidays and all. OH CRUEL FATE. For the record, I didn't pay much over what it retails for, and the shipping cost would be about the same as the sales tax, so I'm content.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. It's kind of sad that what inspired me to bid was the fact that [ profile] krile and I were playing the various Mario Party games on Valentine's Day (yes, I'm so romantic) and I suddenly realized OH CRAP IF WE DON'T GET A WII SOON WE COULD MISS OUT ON MARIO PARTY 8! (even though it doesn't come out for months) That series is so obviously pumping out halfassed sequels for an easy profit every time but it's some of the most hilarious gameplay I've ever had. With the Wiimote it'll be beyond fun.

Now I'll finally be able to put that copy of Twilight Princess for Wii we have to use.

This begins my perfect plan for console domination (TM) wherein Krile and I stockpile PS2 RPGs for our horrible, destructive addiction to them. Meanwhile, we have a Wii for innovative next-gen crazyness, and that will play what remaining Gamecube games we pick up as well. And portables are of course a factor to reckon with, with both our DSs and PSP serving up portable RPGs and stylus touching action. All of this will sustain us until the PS3 significantly drops in price and comes out with better games besides the obvious FF and MGS sequels.

Yes, I've thought this all out far too intricately.

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