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It'll be [ profile] krile's birthday in less than an hour, at least where we're from. Won't you join me in celebrating it with her? Please post all of the reasons why you think Krile is awesome in this entry, so that she will see how much we all love her!

Some of my favorite things about Krile:

- She helps me with random videogame puzzles that I might be extremely temporarily stuck on

- She smells nice and has pink toenails (basically, that she is a girl)

- She manages to fangirl but in a way that doesn't completely send me running away, screaming into the night (a responsible fangirl!)

- She watches fanservice-y shows with me (that are aimed at guys mostly) and likes them

- She makes me laugh, mostly when we make fun of things together. Most people can't do this!

So, because of all these things and many more, I hope you have a happy day~<3
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You always make me smile,
Of presents you recieve a pile,
And there's just no denial,
That I'll be with you a long while!

~*~ Happy Birthday ~*~
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Your Happy Birthday
you have a wonderful day
[ profile] krile, lots of presents
(an extra syllable)
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] krile, who I will devote the entire day to spoiling even more than I already do! Including going out to lunch and dinner, taking her to get a manicure/pedicure at the local spa, and of course, a metric ton of presents. I'm sure she'll fill us all in on the details in her own journal as the day goes on~
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Happy birthday to the one and only [ profile] krile! I hope you will enjoy all the presents you will recieve which were probably not carefully selected so that I get to enjoy most of them myself too.

I hope I am up to being slave-for-a-day to her after working from 9:30AM to 12:00 AM yesterday. Yes, that's.. a lot of hours that my brain cannot do the math for right now. But, I must survive, FOR HER SAKE I WILL NOT FAIL (plus like Final Fantasy III comes out tomorrow and I have to live at least that long)

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