I am now the proud father owner of a 60GB PS3.

Well... not really proud, since the only reason I got one right now is because they're dropping backwards compatibility from future revisions of the console, and I want the best BC I can get. I mean, no sense in keeping a PS1, PS2, and a PS3 all on my precious shelf space if I don't need to, right?

It's supposed to be some kind of Christmas present or something, but nobody wanted to shell out the money for it right at the moment, so I had to plunk down the cash myself.

And when it arrived, of COURSE I had to set it up just to make sure it worked with PS1 and PS2 games and everything else, before 60GB PS3s with the Emotion Engine chip cease to exist (or sells for $1000 on eBay...)

... and it's still set up here, and I'm using it to play upscaled PS2 games and watch videos and stuff. And likely here it shall remain, although I won't be getting any actual PS3 games until the holidays. Still, something seems weird about it all...

I don't know why, but I fear this thing.

It's big and black and scary. And expensive. And I'm really not supposed to have it yet so it feels like I'm breaking some cosmic law that will come back to haunt me.

But, it actually is a pretty swanky thing, what with wireless controllers (that have rechargeable batteries in them, all right!) and upscaling PS1 and PS2 games to look prettier, and being able to use those 60GB to store movie files on to watch on TV.

... I just don't like being alone in the living room with it late at night by myself =(

P.S. FFT ♥
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Blah... back from the dead I rise! Being stricken with a stomach virus is neither fun nor glamorous, as the newspapers would have you believe. I missed work all weekend and it wasn't the fun kind of missing work. But I timed it pretty perfectly, as school starts next week. Of course that kind of means I used up my last week of vacation sick in bed, but oh well.

So that kind of explains my lack of presence online/on LJ, just in case you noticed. I didn't really do much of anything while sick, except randomly stumble across things online.

What makes me feel like a million bucks is that They're releasing Final Fantasies I and II for the PSP! Yay! Just what I always.. wait, no. This is stupid and pointless and oh my god how many times have these games been rereleased. I mean I LOVE FF1 and I have this sick fetish where I actually like FF2, but what the crap? Even if we don't count the cell phone versions or the Wonderswan, we've had three versions of these games out here now. All this version seems to do is make it widescreen and add in some of the FF: Origins stuff like the FMVs, plus keeping in the GBA extra content. Woo. I mean, if they added some harder difficulty setting or made the game 3D like FF3 or SOMETHING this could be good, but no, this is just probably going to be yet another port of a port of a port.

As stupid and pointless that all is, I'll probably buy them (at least FF1) should they come out here, simply because I love that darn game and I could play it a million more times. Plus on the PSP you could have like a jillion save files, which is a lot better than the GBA's three.

At least Balthier is going to be in the FFT remake which is kind of cool.. I noticed Cid in FF12 shares the same last name with Mustadio, so it's kind of an interesting connection. Still, I'd imagine Balthier and Mustadio would be very similar in terms of abilities, so that might be a little awkward. Oh, plus DARK KNIGHTS which look badass. I always wanted to turn Ramza into one. Funny story, I waited until Gafgarion turned into a crystal when fighting him just to see if I could steal his Dark Knight abilities. Didn't work obviously.

Also, FFXIII doesn't really have my attention yet (especially due to the price tag attached to playing it) but I read a random article about it which just may change my mind:

"Summoned creatures appear in Final Fantasy XIII too and it looks like XIII is going back to the traditional stars. Shiva can be summoned, but she also turns into a motorcycle."

That.. I mean, that just may be the coolest thing ever.

I keep putting off doing my over-the-winter-break Japanese homework, but I'll do it at work this weekend. We finally get to learn katakana, which is probably going to be very helpful with looking up video game stuff online!

But for now, I think I'll get out of the house for a change. Perhaps on a HAWT DATE? We shall see!

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