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[ profile] krile, her brother, my brother, and myself all attended the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert last night in NYC. And as it goes with trips to NYC, wacky and unexpected things ensued.

Okay, first about the concert itself )

But then on the way home... )

I'll let [ profile] krile tell you about ~shopping~ with likely accompanying pictures. We didn't get much since we had to lug it around with us most of the time, but it's still some nice swag. I wish we could've just taken all of Kinokuniya with us (as usual), but considering all the other unexpected expenses we had that day, I think it's for the best.

Oh, I did get to try White Castle for the first time too, actually. Pretty damn good. The fact that they list calorie content up on the menus on the wall is kind of disheartening, but I think with all the walking we did things evened out /denial
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So, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Or, what I like to call, the best thing ever.

You pick your character, wander around on the gameboard with their game's world map music playing, and go on wacky adventures with the most bizarre pairings of Final Fantasy main character groups ever. Yes, Bartz and Zidane are retarded BFFs who torment Squall with their antics. Yes, the random Onion Knight from FF3 protects Terra despite being 3 feet tall or something. Yes, Tidus is very curious about Firion's wild rose, and they are both supportive of Cecil's borderline obsession with his older brother. And yes, Kefka, the Emperor from FF2, and Kuja all wear more makeup than the girls and gossip about the other evil guys together.

And of course the fights take place in the best locations you could ever think of, with the appropriate battle music playing, naturally. So yes, you can skate up the stairs in Ultimecia's castle and pounce on the enemy with your character-specific attack, or smash the Esper tubes in Kefka's tower to gain an item inside it.

Then, perhaps even the best part, all the tutorial menus have characters from every single FF present. Loli Rydia explains summons, Galuf (with the help of Krile, because he's senile) tells you about abilities, and Yuffie offers her patented explanations for the low-low price of 99,999 gil. Oh, and there's a "Vicks? Who's Vicks? My name's Biggs!" joke. Seriously.

This game is a shameless indulgence and I absolutely love every minute of it. They made a retarded FF crossover game but made it okay to like it, somehow.
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I'M SEEING WHAT YOU'RE DOING HERE. But damn, it's fun and cool. So I'm indulging, even if it's a guilty one.


Oh yeah and I got beat up by loli Yuffie or something.

Ughhh I'm not supposed to be up this early, time to finish this semester once and for all~!
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Okay I'm done with the bibliography on my Aztec essay. Damn, there's NO making bibliographies fun, even if there's ritualized human sacrifice involved.

Anyway, the end of the semester is coming soon enough, so that'll be a relief.


- Managed to hear my Japanese teacher say "oppai" when she was pulling up the shirt of a girl in my class, and explaining how to say it, first in the more polite form and then the "what everyone REALLY says" way. Knowing porn terms and trying to act like you don't: awkwardness.

- Got Crisis Core for PSP for... $9. Amazon LIGHTNING DEAL. So I heard it's pretty good or whatever, Zack is......... someone, I forget, and Aeris looks kinda cute in this game. So yeah. I'll get around to playing it this summer.

- Made a diorama of an aforementioned Aztec human sacrifice ritual for class... out of Legos. Here's what I didn't know: girls love Legos. They were crowding around me like I had a box full of chocolate-covered yaoi kitten shoes. Anyway, hopefully I score creativity points at least. Maybe I should take a picture of it before I dismantle it.

Now I'm going to go home and sleep or something. Oh and P.S. the HUGE GIANT NAKED RAGUNA PORTRAIT in Rune Factory: Frontier seriously scared me but I couldn't not look, okay. It takes effort to be all toned and have your nipples sanded off, gotta give respect.
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The first hot-weather day of the year was today! I feel ENERGIZED compared to the dreary, frozen days of winter. I'd write something here about how I'm looking forward to it being short skirt season, but the last time I did that SOME PEOPLE mistook me for a girl, because apparently that means that I, myself, want to wear them. Well let me tell you something, not only are there red-blooded males here on Livejournal, but I actually do have the legs to pull that kind of thing off, if I wanted to. So there.

Anyway, I've written far too many non-video game related words, so let's kick things off! Numero uno, I'm playing FFXII again.

1-900-GAY-VEST )

Also, playin' Suikoden Thunderthighs. "Taco Bell", my protagonist, talksreallyfastlikethis and enjoys looking hideous if you get too close in battle. But, it's Suikoden, meaning things are SUPPOSED to be unintentionally hilarious. This game has nothing on "it's a piss" and dialing a phone with your feet like previous games.
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Since SHINING FORCE II was released for the virtual console this week I've been playing that a lot, no time for journal entries! Nintendo is really lucky, I had just started a new game on an emulator. They did leave me with blue balls for a year and a half or so after announcing it for the VC, bastards. Anyway it still fucking rules, I am so happy to be able to play it again.

In other news they've announced the full cast for Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Team Cosmos: Warrior of Light, Frionel (Firion, French Fries), Onion Knight, Cecil(woo!), Bartz (ahahaha), Terra (hells yeah), Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus.

Team Chaos: Garland, The Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja, Jecht.

I really wonder how they're going to work out the fact that Garland, Golbez and Exdeath look way too much alike, not to mention the fact that the Cloud of Darkness is basically a cloud of gas with boobs.
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The past couple of weeks have been kind of odd. [ profile] krile was on vacation for a while, so I took this opportunity (as I always do) to play games into ridiculous hours of the morning, in my underwear, slightly buzzed from the sweet nectar that is root beer.

I mean, I do all that stuff when she's around anyway, but it's somehow different. I mostly played Metal Gear Online and Riviera: The Promised Land (PSP version).

MGO came out with an expansion pack that, among other things, lets you create female characters. Of course I did so, because the guy characters are mostly hideous, and I have to say that I am treated differently when playing as a girl. I never got "a/s/l????" questions when playing as my male character, if I did well on a round I got teabagged/gangbanged afterwards, and some guy kept lamenting after he killed me once "oh god i can't believe i killed a girl".

So, ladies, let me just say that I think I understand you all a bit more after this. Being a woman is tough. Especially when grenades are involved.

And yes, I've still not beat Riviera. See, I got quite far in the GBA version, then I got sidetracked, then the PSP version was announced, so I waited for that to come out. But I'm having fun with it, despite the fact that seeing the bath scenes in the PSP version is way harder than on the GBA. Seriously, it takes a lot of skill to make Ein do heterosexual things. BUT I WILL SEE THEM ALL, POKEMON.

These games are just me distracting myself from going insane over not being able to play Final Fantasy IV DS, because Krile has stolen it and kept it all to herself until she beats it. Or so she says. Being subjected to hearing how AWESOME it is and hearing the familiar music all the time is driving me insane with jealousy.

We also both went to Connecticon, our local anime/video game/nobody cares about your tabletop RPGs convention. It was amusing as always, and there were some actual GOOD cosplayers, like this really hot Misa Misa who had L handcuffed to her <3 But, there were, as always, bad ones.

There was a Zell cosplayer. He was sitting at a table near the snack stand where they sold nachos, hot dogs, etc. And what was on his plate? Pizza. ZELL was eating PIZZA when they had hot dogs for sale. I'm sorry but you have to be IN CHARACTER always. You even have to go to the bathroom the way you think your character would, because dammit I payed money to see your sorry ass walking around.
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This is a fun thing to do when your significant other watches you play games: randomly pick one out and put it in the console without telling them which one, and watch their reaction based on what it is. So, when I popped in FF8... well, let's just say that I'm really good at sleeping on the couch, so I was prepared for anything.

FF8 is not a bad game, anyway, despite the fact that I feel like I have to "defend" it at times. On the other hand, it's FF8. At this point nobody even cares anymore anyway, but back in 2001 or so people were still ragin'. I'm convinced that either people honestly expected Cloud and co. to star in this one (lol n00bs), or they honestly do not know how to junction/play the game. At all.

Still, she screamed as she saw the logo appear onscreen. It's her fault for never getting much past the White SeeD ship (why does this stop so many people in their tracks?)

This is some oldschool internet posting material right here )

Coming soon: more FF8! Whenever I decide to play more of it. I also beat MGS2 somehow so I'm hoping I can play MGS3 soon, although I want to continue Snake Tales and VR TROOPERS too.
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Phew, finals are over with! It still seems odd that it's over for now, but I'm not about to complain. I'm looking forward to having fun and doing lots of things over the summer.

Speaking of which, I just got back last night from a road trip with my dad to go see my little brother's graduation. Although obviously my little bro was the main point of it all, it was great to have the whole family (myself, dad, and two younger brothers) together again to have some fun like old times again. I actually didn't get much of a chance to play DS or anything (!!!) because we were too busy doing other stuff.

Of course, I missed home and my girl and my games, obviously. I think [ profile] krile mentioned it in her journal, but we finally beat Wild Arms 3~! And of course that same day we popped WA5 in and began to play it. It's really good; quite addicting, actually. And the cast is quirky and hilarious as was WA3's, but in different ways. I think that's one aspect of Wild Arms games I like the most.

I also downloaded Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King for the Wii. It's sort of an odd mix of Sim City and Soul Blazer/Dark Cloud. Basically you play the shota king who can't go out and fight, so you hire adventurers from your town to go explore and beat up monsters. Meanwhile you have to build houses and other buildings and make sure everyone's happy. The fact that you get to run around as the king and actually speak to your townspeople makes it a lot more fun than some top-down view kind of a thing. It's probably about as interesting to watch someone play it as Sim City would be, but it's pretty addicting if you're the one playing it. There's also downloadable content like new dungeons and outfits and races and things like that to keep things spiced up.

Aaaanyway, despite the fact that I have to work the day after getting back from my trip, I plan to take it easy for a couple weeks now that school is out, maybe catch up on my gaming and go to some fun places. I really do want to keep up with my Spanish/Japanese practice during the summer though, because going back in the fall having not used it for months would kind of suck. Yeah.
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The ESRB has confirmed an E 10+ rating for Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the DS! Meaning... DQ4 DS is coming out here!

This along with the announcement of FFIV DS coming out here this summer pretty much makes me gleefully happy :D~
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Considering that I'm supposed to be getting the re-re-remake of this game in the mail tomorrow, I thought I'd type out some words relating to this game for people to read about. Join me, won't you, into the magical world of this black sheep of the FF series.

Final Fantasy II )

Happy 20th

Jun. 30th, 2007 12:18 pm
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So when you beat a boss in Final Fantasy XII everyone does their little victory pose, right?

My Vaan's been using those hand-bomb things lately. Partly because I can pretend they're maracas (which are very appropriate weapons for Vaan) and partly because he'll occasionally do something like 10 damage with them because it's randomized. This gives me (more of) an excuse to yell at him. Anyway...

What is his victory pose with them, you ask? To twirl the bomb around in his hand for a second and then throw the bomb as hard as his little girly arms can throw it into the distance, apparently not caring who or what the bomb ends up blowing up as a result.

I keep imagining there's a bus full of nuns driving by, and they're singing and being happy and then BOOM, body parts and bloody habits everywhere.

You just killed a bus full of nuns, Vaan. A bus full of... pregnant nuns. Yeah.

Now, Tales of the Wacky Abyss talk.

Cut for disc 2 spoilers. Wait, there is no disc 2. But if this was a Playstation 1 game, this would be disc 2. )

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