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Basically I've been slightly obsessed over Rune Factory Frontier lately and I cannot stop playing it. The Wii keeps track of what's played and for how long on its message board thing, and yesterday? 7 hours played. Sure, it was my day off but still, damn. I hadn't played it since last summer, but SMT Nocturne and both Digital Devil Sagas got in the way. Also, apparently I can't play Record of Agarest War until this game is beaten, so yeah.

It's actually a refreshing kind of "light RPG" to play, added in with those addictive repetitive tasks and of course, dating game aspects. The concept of patiently cultivating fruits/veggies sell to make enough money and use them for ingredients in food as preparation to tackle the next dungeon is something I find extremely awesome, for some reason. Maybe because cooking for yourself is boring IRL, but if you're making a meal to take with you on some kind of DUNGEON PICNIC to eat in between monster battles is much less mundane-sounding.

Anyway, [ profile] krile has chosen Selphy as my future wife (because, she enjoys deciding which girl I'll pursue in these kinds of games for some reason. Hey, it's an interesting kink). We both agree she is cute/interesting, plus, the hat. Our other choice would be the hetero-chromatic twins, but they're too much work. I mean, you expect me to remain celibate until the post-game? Eff that. Also I would totally marry the elven MILF blacksmith if she were available. When will these games support polygamy anyway, it's what we all want.

I seem to like this game more than the DS version, I'm not really sure why. Not having game overs if you fall in a dungeon is a huge plus, though.
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Okay I'm done with the bibliography on my Aztec essay. Damn, there's NO making bibliographies fun, even if there's ritualized human sacrifice involved.

Anyway, the end of the semester is coming soon enough, so that'll be a relief.


- Managed to hear my Japanese teacher say "oppai" when she was pulling up the shirt of a girl in my class, and explaining how to say it, first in the more polite form and then the "what everyone REALLY says" way. Knowing porn terms and trying to act like you don't: awkwardness.

- Got Crisis Core for PSP for... $9. Amazon LIGHTNING DEAL. So I heard it's pretty good or whatever, Zack is......... someone, I forget, and Aeris looks kinda cute in this game. So yeah. I'll get around to playing it this summer.

- Made a diorama of an aforementioned Aztec human sacrifice ritual for class... out of Legos. Here's what I didn't know: girls love Legos. They were crowding around me like I had a box full of chocolate-covered yaoi kitten shoes. Anyway, hopefully I score creativity points at least. Maybe I should take a picture of it before I dismantle it.

Now I'm going to go home and sleep or something. Oh and P.S. the HUGE GIANT NAKED RAGUNA PORTRAIT in Rune Factory: Frontier seriously scared me but I couldn't not look, okay. It takes effort to be all toned and have your nipples sanded off, gotta give respect.
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Brawl screenshot gallery update! Going through classic and all-star with everyone was made much more bearable with wacky screenshot action.

Although Brawl mania is still going strong, I've actually begun to play other games again! Wild Arms 3 in particular. I ended up doing the super magic technique to get 99 Heal Berries, which should make me set for healing for the rest of the game, I hope! Having such limited healing items in Wild Arms games is stressful xD; I hope Wild Arms 5 is a little better in this regard, whenever I finish 3 I guess I'll find out!

Also picked up Rune Factory again for some reason. Considering I'm still playing a little bit of Animal Crossing: Wild World every day, it seems eerily similar to be doing such repetitive tasks over and over! At least with Rune Factory I can abandon the game for months at a time without my town exploding. Also, I'm almost ready to get married in the game :3

Here's a small list of my backlog of doom, most of which is left over from Christmas presents I never played beyond the first hour or so!

-Heroes of Mana
-FF12: Revenant Wings
-DQM Joker (actually played this one quite a bit, I just need to get back into it, I'm not even stuck anywhere or anything!)
-Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (waaaay behind since the next game is already out, obviously)
-Shining Force EXA (haven't even opened this one yet!)
-Wild Arms 5 (same, haven't opened it, although drool marks are on the box)
-Metroid Prime 3
-Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (currently playing)

... as you can see, most of these are DS games. Between school, Brawl, getting distracted by old games and playing ROMs of them, among other things, I have a lot of catching up to do! I guess it's nice to be able to pick up somewhat "new" games directly from my own shelf and play them rather than having to spend money and go hunting for them, though.

I still want Dragon Quest Swords, dammit. But not until I finish off some of these. At least I'm enjoying all the games I'm playing currently.

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