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Here is my friend code~ (I don't know if anyone on my FL plays this game, but...)

0043 7947 8456

Apparently to unlock a dungeon and a job class you have to send a certain amount of mail via Mognet, so we could help each other out on this one~
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I think it must be obvious that I am, well, just a tad excited over the prospect of Final Fantasy III coming out. Wait, coming out? Oh yeah, it's already out. And I don't have it yet? Why?

1. A certain female housemate of mine decided to not do 1-day shipping on this most precious of gems (this is actually okay, because this gives me time to try out her birthday games, getting raped in Valkyrie Profile 2 is fun)


2. It was supposed to be delivered today, and the UPS guy was fumbling around in his truck but HE COULD NOT FIND THE PACKAGE, even though he knew it was due to arrive today. Tracking it online confirms this, too.

So it's not that the game isn't out, or unavailable, but NO ONE CAN FIND MY COPY ;_____;

Thus, right now I am at work, trying to act normal as I check people in, but on the inside I AM A SEETHING DEMON OF RAGE AND IMPATIENCE.

I guess this is probably what all those people who want PS3s are going through right now, except I would never sell my FF3 on eBay, plus I'm not an idiot!

In fact, to take my mind off things I was reading the GameFAQs PS3 message board just to laugh at people, but then SOMEONE HAD THEIR FF3 FRIEND CODE IN THEIR SIG AND I WAS LIKE ;_____________;!!!!!!!!

Theoretically there's still a chance that UPS will swing by today and deliver it, and of course all my hopes and dreams are riding on this T_T

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