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I've been commenting on LJ a lot and [ profile] krile has been posting all the relevant RL-stuff that's been going on, so I've neglected to update my own journal XD;

Well, I beat Persona 3. I am so tempted to pick it up and play it over again, but on the other hand I want FES =(

I mean the opening movie has Elizabeth going down a slide in the park for some reason which is worth $50 or whatever on its own. I keep trying to conceive of what possible situation could warrant her going down a slide, I MUST KNOW! (and no, you're not allowed to tell me if you do know)

I can only hope the good reviews and sales of the game could cause Atlus to release it here, uh, please? <3

I've also bought Growlanser: Heritage of War but I have no idea why. I mean... it comes with a lot of goodies, so... but the shameful truth is that I haven't even played any of the other Growlanser games that have been release here, even though I have the deluxe edition sitting at home.

Maybe one of my brothers will want it for Christmas and I can use it as a gift maybe minus the goodies, or I'll play it myself at some point. Or sell it on eBay in a year for mucho dinero? Hell, I bought Suikoden II from eBay so I'm entitled to pray on some desperate gamers if I want to, it's karma or some crap.

Also, in case anyone still doesn't know, tomorrow at Toys 'r Us you can download a Manaphy to your game via Mystery Gift between 12pm-3pm, and if you participate in the download you get $5 off any DS game! Not a bad deal at all.
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I won a Wii off eBay. I truly didn't even intend to, because I've bid on them quite a bit before but I never went over $300 bucks because I don't want to pay that much.

I just randomly bid on one, and when I saw I had new email I assumed it was an OUTBID NOTICE LOL. But nope, I won it miraculously. It should be here by Wednesday, naturally that's the only day this week I have school due to holidays and all. OH CRUEL FATE. For the record, I didn't pay much over what it retails for, and the shipping cost would be about the same as the sales tax, so I'm content.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. It's kind of sad that what inspired me to bid was the fact that [ profile] krile and I were playing the various Mario Party games on Valentine's Day (yes, I'm so romantic) and I suddenly realized OH CRAP IF WE DON'T GET A WII SOON WE COULD MISS OUT ON MARIO PARTY 8! (even though it doesn't come out for months) That series is so obviously pumping out halfassed sequels for an easy profit every time but it's some of the most hilarious gameplay I've ever had. With the Wiimote it'll be beyond fun.

Now I'll finally be able to put that copy of Twilight Princess for Wii we have to use.

This begins my perfect plan for console domination (TM) wherein Krile and I stockpile PS2 RPGs for our horrible, destructive addiction to them. Meanwhile, we have a Wii for innovative next-gen crazyness, and that will play what remaining Gamecube games we pick up as well. And portables are of course a factor to reckon with, with both our DSs and PSP serving up portable RPGs and stylus touching action. All of this will sustain us until the PS3 significantly drops in price and comes out with better games besides the obvious FF and MGS sequels.

Yes, I've thought this all out far too intricately.

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