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It's not really fair to me (or really possible) to pick just one, since I played so many good games last year. But here's a list of games that may or may not qualify to be on such a list, except that I just so happened to play them during 2010!

Yes, this is basically just cheating so I can talk about games I like okay )

I probably forgot about a bunch of other fun games I played, but I think I covered the essentials... looking back, 2010 wasn't so bad, gaming-wise. I keep thinking video games are doomed or something, but then I realize how many genuinely great games come out each year. And we always have those classics we never played to fall back on, right?
slimequest: (I make you touch poop)
So... I've been playing various games lately. This is the most obvious statement in the world, but still, here it is in my post.

A 360? In MY living room? It's slightly more likely than you think. Also I'm playing Blue Dragon! )

But, of course, I wouldn't neglect my other consoles, so...

Basically if you own a PS3, play Valkyria Chronicles )

Also: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is awesome, Wild Arms XF is fun, and this is the first Christmas in probably... 9 years or so, that I haven't gotten a PS2 game for Christmas. Of course, I basically own them all already, so it's kind of cheating.

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