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WHERE THE HELL ARE MY SUPER FIGHTING ROBOTS? First we don't get flying cars, now this. I guess Dr. Light technically has a few hours to get his shit together, but...

Anyway, Happy New Year! Let's go into TWENTYTEN and accomplish all our awesome dreams together, in style.


Jan. 1st, 2009 04:23 pm
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So we ([ profile] krile and I) had sort of a New Year's party last night, inviting my brother over. The festivities included a two-episode Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon as well as showing off the power of PLAYSTATION3. Which actually meant me using my brother to help me through a dungeon I was sick of in Eternal Sonata as well as getting killed in Soul Calibur IV. Still, it was good times. We actually only tuned in to the ball-dropping TV festivities long enough to see the act itself and then got back to having fun. I guess either the novelty has worn off, 2009 itself isn't that significant of a year in itself anyway, or Dick Clark gets more depressing to watch year after year.

One of my favorite things about New Year's is the SciFi channel's Twilight Zone marathon. No matter how tired, hungover, or bored you might get, at least there's that.

Now I have about a month until classes begin again... I'm hoping to at least get some hardcore gaming sessions in, if nothing else constructive.
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Okay now that that's out of the way, how did I never realize that in FF6 if you leave certain treasure chests unopened in the World of Balance and come back for them in the World of Ruin they'll be better treasures?

In all fairness I never had any kind of strategy guide for FF6, I just went by the Nintendo Powers that covered basically everything (BUT NOT THIS I GUESS!).

It's actually... kind of cool that I've just now discovered this kind of thing about such an old, classic game. I'm going to restart my FF6 Advance save and try it. We got it for Xmas this year (finally) and I didn't play very long... most of my game clock was used messing with the menu colors xD; GO BLINDING CHOCOBO MENU BACKGROUNDS

I keep meaning to post pix of my loot but I'm too busy enjoying it xD; Also certain post-Xmas presents haven't arrived yet, so I'll wait and be lazy.

HOWEVER I found FF12 figures at FYE for insanely cheap yesterday so they were purchased with leftover Xmas money. Vaan was only 10 bux (the cheapest), this amused me.

Now, for wacky pictures time )

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