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Name:Kirishawnie Marisa
Birthdate:Dec 21
Location:United States of America
Website:PONYCANYON: a tumblr about games and some other stuff probably
Well, video games.

Interests (142):

.hack, 7th saga, :3, actraiser, advance wars, arc the lad, arcana, atlus, bahamut lagoon, beyond oasis, blaster master, blue dragon, brain lord, breath of fire, bubble bobble, castlevania, cave story, chrono cross, chrono trigger, crystalis, dark cloud, deathsmiles, digital devil saga, disgaea, dissidia, dragon quest, dragon warrior, earthbound, el viento, enix, español, eternal sonata, etrian odyssey, final fantasy, final fantasy legend, final fantasy mystic quest, final fantasy tactics, fire emblem, friendship is magic, front mission, gain ground, game music, ganbare goemon, genso suikoden, gintama, grandia, grimgrimoire, growlanser, half-minute hero, illusion of gaia, infinite undiscovery, izuna, krile, la pucelle, legend of dragoon, legend of legaia, live a live, loco roco, lufia, lunar eternal blue, lunar magic school, lunar silver star story, magical starsign, makai kingdom, mario, marl kingdom, mega man, mega man legends, mega man x, metroid, monstania, mother 3, mst3k, muramasa, my little pony, mystic ark, mystical ninja, ninja gaiden, nintendo, nippon ichi, odin sphere, ogre battle, okami, parasite eve, persona, phantasy star, phantom brave, phoenix wright, pokémon, produce, quintet, radiata stories, resident evil, resonance of fate, riviera, robotrek, rocket slime, romancing saga, rpgs, rudra no hihou, rune factory, saga, saga frontier, secret of mana, seiken densetsu, sengoku basara, shadowgate, shin megami tensei, shining force, skies of arcadia, soul blazer, soul calibur, star ocean, startropics, steambot chronicles, strategy rpgs, suikoden, summon night, super smash brothers, sweet home, tactics ogre, tales of, tales of phantasia, terranigma, the last remnant, thousand arms, treasure hunter g, tri-ace, twewy, unlimited saga, valkyrie profile, vandal hearts, video games, wild arms, working designs, worms armageddon, xenogears, xenosaga, yggdra union, ys, zelda, 日本語

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