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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is out on XBLA now, and it's pretty darn amusing. You get to chose from Soma, Alucard, Jonathan, Shanoa, and Charlotte and basically... run around and do Castlevania stuff. The real fun is playing with multiple people and solving puzzles and teaming up against enemies together. It's basically the Smash Bros of the Castlevania world. A highlight of the game so far? Probably huge bosses who break out of their little boss rooms and go wandering around the whole map, so you have to chase them and attack them from different angles. Oh, and finding escargot hidden in walls... and eating it without question.

The only thing that sucks is that there's no local multiplayer, which has pretty much plagued this generation of gaming. You know, some of us have people who we're perfectly capable of sitting down right next to and playing together with, instead of making them go home and come on Xbox Live to do it.

Technically, it'd be a little difficult to keep track of each other in this game with just one screen between you. I'd rather the option be there, flawed as it may be, rather than not at all, though. But anyway, game's still awesome regardless, and it's also playable solo as well.

~REAL LIFE UPDATE~: The air conditioner is dead until sometime next week, but at least we have some temporary little setup downstairs so I don't die of heat exhaustion while playing Mario Galaxy 2. Mario may indeed die multiple times in heat-related deaths, however.

Also, the online class I need to finish to fully qualify for my degree is over this weekend! It's a Peace Studies course, which I've taken a liking to. So hey guys, if we achieve WORLD PEACE anytime soon, it's probably because of me.

Speaking of peace, yesterday/today was the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. My Japanese teacher's mom and dad were survivors, and I took a class specifically about the bombings, so now it's sort of a special thing for me, too. Do yourself a favor and rent "Barefoot Gen", which is an anime based on the events, and cry your eyes out. It'll do you some good.
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ATTN people on my PS3 friends list thingie who haven't logged in in months: GUYS YOU REALLY NEED TO because the update makes your background all sparkly ^_____^

Also, it's October which has now become my favorite month of the year except December and some of November. But anyway, all this month I'll be playing SPOOKY-THEMED GAMES like Baroque, Grimgrimoire, and of course Castlevania games. But it's not just vaguely Halloween-ish games that make this month fun, oh no. Girls dressing up goth-y and Halloween cosplay are two of my faaavorite things~

Plus, it's the only goddamn time of the year that New England is even remotely nice, weather-wise.

P.S. I've added The entire cast of FFV to my Twitter and nothing is more amusing than having Exdeath post things like "DIE~~~~~~~~!" randomly.
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So, I think Halloween is now officially my favorite holiday. I mean, Christmas kind of becomes meaningless when you can afford to buy video games pretty much whenever you want to anyway, but it still remains an excellent occasion to receive Legos. Halloween, on the other hand, is a convenient excuse not only for girls to dress slutty, but also to play Castlevania games all day and eat nothing but candy. Santa's going to have to step things up if he's going to compete with that.

I actually don't have much of anything else to say besides that. Obviously I've been playing the newest DS Castlevania game, I just beat Shining Force II on the VC, and I have begun to play Baroque for Wii, which I picked up a couple of weeks ago on the cheap. I literally have no idea what is going on in Baroque so far, but I kind of like it like that. Also, [ profile] krile won our game of Dokapon Kingdom and married the princess, who was more than willing. I think that pretty much cements the game in the realm of awesome, as if it wasn't already.

I shall, however, share my favorite internet secret: the Video Game Deal of the Day. Basically, every day Amazon picks some game and sells it for a ridiculously low sum of money, even lower than it would go if it were a Greatest Hits game. They also sometimes have peripherals on sale, too.

I've picked up quite a few games using this, which theoretically defeats the purpose of saving money if you're going to end up spending more of it anyway... but whatever. I've been using this RSS feed to easily check what the deal of the day is, but now it seem to be kind of stuck on October 30th. Maybe they died on Halloween. Uh, anyway, there are probably other RSS feeds out there, or you could just check the actual link to Amazon every day. I've seen games that sell for $50 get cut down to half price or even more, and portable games go for less than $15 when they're normally $30-40. I figured it was my duty to be an enabler to all my video game addict friends out there, you can thank me later~ (after they shut off your electricity)
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I don't know WHY but somehow installing Leopard on my laptop and during the wait playing the Dracula X Chronicles version of Symphony of the Night is the most awesome thing ever.

I had forgotten how hard Luck Mode in SOTN could be. Alucard bursting into a bloody mess every few minutes shouldn't BE that amusing. I'm looking forward to playing as Maria and getting the nose demon and "other fairy who sings" familiars too, yay for added content <3

Now, to spend too much time and somehow have fun playing with options and settings on my shiny new OS~
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It's Castlevania time~!

Best. Preorder Bonus. Ever.

Yes, you're looking at Simon Belmont in 8-bit Simon's Quest form walking through "Stage 03" of the original Castlevania, and that is actually Stage 01 depicted there. BUT WHO CARES, THIS IS SO AWESOME.

Apparently there's a couple of different ones you can get, but I ♥ Simon's Quest so this just made my day.

Plus, you know, finally getting Rondo of Blood released outside of Japan and all. Between this, FFT, and the Star Ocean remakes on the horizon, it is a very good time to be a PSP owner ;D

Now, to unlock Symphony of the Night~ *Bloody Tears begins to play in the background*
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I can't decide whether the fact that studying for my Japanese final consisted of me flipping through the book 15 minutes before the test began, and yet I most likely totally aced it, is awesome or just plain reckless. Kind of both, I guess.

But I didn't want to study, having to go and take a test on my birthday of all days kind of sucks ass to begin with, but at least it was easy enough. There were actually parts where we were supposed to answer in English but I forgot and wrote it in Japanese anyway. It actually seemed easier to me to do it that way, because I was in the Japanese frame of mind at the time.

We celebrated my birthday yesterday because of the test and various other reason, and it was pretty darn awesome. Of course, having a girlfriend ([ profile] krile) who makes herself extra gorgeous for you AND knows just what games to give you on your special day pretty much guarantees this. She may or may not end up finishing her shounen-ai fanfics on the same day, too, but... that's a.. bonus? If she didn't do such a good job distracting me with awesomeness I might have given it a second thought.

I'll probably dump some of the things I got into my Christmas post or something, but for most of the day I was playing Rocket Slime. This game is... I'm tearing up, here. It's orgasmic. Let me put it to you this way: I was laughing for a good five minutes over the fact that one of the enemy tanks, which is a giant tree, is named Chrono Twigger. The Square-Enix merger was done for this exact moment, I'm sure of it.

I also got Castlevaina: Portrait of Ruin which seems to continue the 2D-Symphony-of-the-Night-clone tradition of being great, while having some interesting new gameplay. Our protagonists enter a strange castle where they have to jump into paintings and... collect all the stars... defeat Bowser... the princess bakes you a cake? Wait...

Speaking of cake, because the DS's clock read it as my birthday, the shop in the game can sell you a birthday cake. For 3000 dollars. Was it baked with melted-down PS3s instead of chocolate?

It's also interesting to note that the startup noise for the DS is different on your birthday, and if you enter Pictochat it tells everyone that it's your birthday. Pretty neat stuff.

The other games I got that I've actually played are We ♥ Katamari, which is of course fun and only slightly gay, and Okami, which is one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen, and it's got good gameplay, too! I can't help but wonder why this game was developed for the PS2 since the DS or Wii would probably make better use of the "drawing" thing, but it doesn't detract from the game, it's just a thought.

I think I will go play some of those games now, and enjoy the fact that school is finally over for me for the time being :D
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I spent two hours last week stealing from a boss in Xenosaga Episode II in order to get my "perfect save". I wonder if I'll ever look back on my life and think of how I wasted it doing these things..... naaah. I should carry around memory cards in my wallet to show off my perfect saves like other people show off grandchildren.

In the Halloween spirit of things I've been playing Castlevania: Curse of Darkness recently. It's a lot like Lament of Innocence, but without whips. Actually, it's eerily similar to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, but with more breakable candles. You know, forging weapons and gathering materials and having summoned creatures do your laundry for you. But, anyway, it's entertaining and fun and Michiru Yamane's soundtrack is again awesome, so I am content. Did I mention I got this game LAST CHRISTMAS but I'm only now playing it? Yeah.

I've also gone from leveling post-game in Disgaea 2 to... leveling post-game in Makai Kingdom, for some odd reason. I don't know why! Maybe because I started playing it almost a year ago, and this time of year somehow reminds me of Makai Kingdom. I'm basically getting all the bonus characters now and trying to remember which items are the ultra-rare ones to look out for because I forget. I do have the strategy guide but.. it's all the way on the other side of the room =( (also the FAQs for this game are not so great)

Also, I do things besides play games! I need to get the last things together for my Halloween costume. I probably won't do much with it besides confuse neighborhood children, but still. Hint: my weapons are NES Zapper light guns.

(Oh wait, crap, that has to do with games too. Dammit)

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