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... and it wasn't even that good of an update, that time. Okay it was badass, but not particularly full of content.

Anyway, I've been busy with school. My graduation's in May, just have to finish up these two throwaway elective classes! And then figure out what to do with the rest of my life. My plans so far: stay in school forever, hope nobody notices.

I've also become addicted to drugs. Actually that's not true, it's worse: I'm playing Final Fantasy XI again! MMORPGs~~~ *^o^*

Uh, well anyway, I'm enjoying it a lot more than last time. But it IS a hugeassed timesink, which further explains the lack of things to update about. I'm sure you'd all like to hear about MY ONLINE RPG CHARACTERS but it will have to wait for some other time. But if you were to fall victim to this game anytime soon, the Caitsith server might be where you'd find me. Maybe.

"Regular" games-wise, I'm juggling FFXIII, SO4, and now Record of Agarest War. I've got the squish boob mousepad from that with the deluxe edition. It's... very distracting. But now unfortunately I feel as if I couldn't use any other kind from now on. We've evolved beyond mousepads without secondary sexual characteristics. We're in the future, and life is great.

Suddenly! Super awesome file link: Mystic Ark Artbook!

That's about it for now. I've neglected Pokémon so much lately, I'm majorly guilt tripping about it >_>; but if anyone wants to trade or whatever that would probably inspire me to play it!
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As if the trailer for this game wasn't enough, this is the greatest Limited Edition ever released and I will be getting it and enjoying it as much as I possibly can. Because I am a person who enjoys life and all things in it. Also I've always wanted one of those kinds of mousepads.

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