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Okay so I've been on vacation for the past... whatever many days, which might explain lack of commenting and updating, among other things. I probably should have said something about it, oops. First I went down to North Carolina to visit my family, and right now I am at Disney World! To quickly recap:

- I have, for some reason, finally begun to play Magical Starsign, and.. I can't put it down! It's surprisingly addictive. I chose Shadow magic because it sounded more interesting (and the game said it was more challenging). Your first spell has the best name of any spell in any game ever: Shadow Die. It's actually "die" as in "a single dice", but I like to think of it as just some spell trying to sound as badass as possible, even if it doesn't make any real sense.

I haven't done any of the egg stuff or amigo mode (lolz) or anything, but maybe I will when I get back!

- Besides the aforementioned Magical Starsign playing, I keep thinking of you, [ profile] alice_curiouser, whenever I see Alice in Wonderland related stuff! <3

- I was speaking some awesome Spanish to the waitress at the Mexican restaurant in the Mexico section of the World Showcase. She said my Spanish was really good :3

- Bought Pokémon merchandise at the Japan section of the World Showcase in Epcot. BUIZEL DOLL! They had a lot of D/P generation merchandise, which was awesome.

We'll be coming back home Sunday. I miss the internet ($10 for one 24-hour shot of internet? Ouch!) and console games! But obviously it's a lot of fun here and it's nice to take a break. SEE YOU SOON GUYZ <333
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School is done for the semester! This is an awesome thing.

My finals were pretty easy, although in my Spanish class what we did was sit in a circle (yes, a circle) and the teacher just went around the room asking us random culture and grammar questions from the book. I was dumb and suddenly forgot the preterit conjugation for decir and translated it as dar among other things, but no one in the class was taking it seriously and the teacher gave us all good grades anyway so whatever XD I totally gave an awesome explanation of the legend of Quetzalcóatl, though~ (plus I could actually pronounce it)

So now I get to go visit family in North Carolina this Friday, and afterwards, off to Disney World~! A nice two-week vacation. I'll get in some good portable gaming on the plane and stuff for sure.

Until then I'm focused on playing .hack G.U. Vol 2, or the "Alkaid likes Haseo awkwardly show"! And... cleaning and packing and stuff. Actually I'm going to sit back in my boxers, sip some orange juice, and play some DS right now. Yay for time off ♥
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I'm going to be in New York next week. Like, the city. I've never been there. Naturally I'm planning to visit the Nintendo Store while I'm there... and I guess that Statue of Whatever and the Museum of Natural.. somethings.

Decided to pick up Tales of Phantasia for GBA for the trip. They really butchered the translation in places and took out fun stuff like the opening theme, renaming function and sound test. I'm really hoping they bring out the new and improved PSP version out here, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the GBA version simply for the fact that it's ToP, and portable at that.

Oh and I beat Metal Gear Solid. Meryl ending of course, but immediately [ profile] krile made me promise to get the Otacon ending on the Gamecube version. Because, you know, love can bloom on the battlefield............ in the butt.

(Now I'm waiting for MGS2 to come in the mail, I actually found MGS3 at the mall so I'm in the awkward situation of being tempted to play them out of order. It might not even really matter if I do or not, but oh well~)


May. 20th, 2006 08:03 pm
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So I come back from vacation this week and work is suddenly busy for once, who knew? It's kind of a welcome change in a sense though, because it makes the night go by a lot quicker~

Anyway I was back visiting family and stuff on the beach, it was fun. I bought a couple of games - Tetris DS and Metroid Prime: Hunters to play while away, since I wasn't going to lug consoles all the way there and back. Both games are fun, Tetris in particular caught my attention. There's enough new content to warrant a purchase while still having the classic mode for old time's sake. Plus, it just feels wrong to own a portable system without Tetris for it, you know?

I played a bit of the Metroid game, it's an interesting control scheme using the touch-screen to look around, but once you adapt to that it's exactly like playing Metroid Prime.. which reminds me, I still need to beat 2 before the Wii version comes out.. :o. Most of my Metroid playing consisted of helping [ profile] krile with Metroid Fusion's bosses xD;

I also stole various games from my brothers that they weren't interested in any longer, among which was Final Fantasy X-2. I always told myself I'd never actually contribute money to Square in order to play this game, because for me the whole point of playing would be to spend the entire time making fun of the game and lamenting on the beginning of the "milk successful games dry" era the company has been in for a while now. Plus, they ruined Rikku's look. Bastards.

The New Super Mario Brothers was waiting for me when I came home too, which was a welcome sight. The game is some kind of wonderful incestual mix of Mario 1, Mario 3, Mario World, and Yoshi's Island. Pure, unobstructed platforming gameplay. It makes well enough use of the touch screen/dual screens but not to the point of getting in the way of a classic Mario game, just as it should. I haven't messed with the multiplayer options or the minigames but they seem like fun additions to an already solid game.

Isn't it weird how when you've been away from the internet for a while you wonder how it ever survived without you checking up on it? Or maybe that's just me. It's weird to actually be EXCITED to go online and check up on all your usual sites instead of it being part of your daily routine. But that's also very refreshing, too ;D

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