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I've started a Japanese blog here, to keep up my practicing now that I'm out of school. I guess you guys can comment if you can talk the talk, but my Japanese teacher may end up reading it occasionally, so don't be QUITE as promiscuously wacky as you usually are. Save that for this journal <3

Of course, I'd welcome any corrections and stuff like that, it's the whole point. I'd consider doing a Spanish one too, but I probably have enough people around to practice that with already!

In less productive news, my DS Lite which mysteriously half-died earlier this year has now risen to life again inexplicably. I'm not really complaining, but it's just kind of weird. I'm still going to use my DSi for almost everything else, but now I can finally get back into Knights in the Nightmare, since I want to recruit Pamela using the GBA connectivity bonus.

P.S. Snow, you were such a pussy yesterday. 5 inches!? I think I know the kind of disappointment only a woman could understand now.

P.P.S. I played Parasite Eve randomly yesterday/today. I know it's impractical but dammit Aya get back in that dress and heels for the rest of the game.
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So apparently I've been chosen to receive an award for "outstanding work" from the Spanish department of my college! I guess I'm doing something right. I really enjoy studying Spanish and my teachers are all awesome so doing well just kind of comes naturally with that.

Ironically, I'll probably be studying Japanese the whole weekend, but that's because I have a quiz! And it's harder! I think compared to Japanese, Spanish seems so easy that I don't take it as seriously, but I really do love both <3

ANYWAY, I have the weekend all to myself as [ profile] krile is having some mother/daughter girly weekend away, doing who knows what. I probably shouldn't dare ask. This leaves me time to have a little "me" time. (read: play Metroid Prime 3 in my underwear)

Although I have DS games to play, I've been distracted by SNES ROMs lately. Most notably Arcana, a lovely little dungeon crawler with *gasp* a story, some interesting characters, and good music.

Rooks likes traps! Also Axs is dying.

I like Rooks' design for some reason, he's sort of the epitome of 90's badass RPG hero. With a hat.

I leave you now with everyone's favorite, USA vs Japan boxart differences! Scary shampoo commercial fortune teller lady vs kawaii anime magical wonderland.

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The cover art for my Spanish book this semester is so trippy/epic

Anyway, been busy with so many awesome games to play lately! I've gotten into Zelda: Phantom Hourglass pretty heavily, at first I was like "oh yeah, that DS Zelda game, sure" but it's really, really good! ~THANK YOU FOR GIVING US A ZELDA GAME WHERE RUPEES ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING~ I had to literally waste rupees in Twilight Princess and Wind Waker so I could collect the chests that had some in them, and even then it was kind of pointless. The game reminds me of some bizarre mix of Link's Awakening and Wind Waker somehow.

I've also finally gotten around to playing FFVI Advance some more, only because [ profile] krile hogs it all the time! This playthrough I have decided to add a "y" to the end of everyone's names, because I figure after all these years everyone's pretty friendly with each other, right? Lockey, Sabiny, Edgary, Celesy? We're all one big happy family~~~

It really seems like when they were adding new stuff into the GBA version they had all the old annoyances in mind. Now you don't have to choose between the Ragnarok esper or the sword (you should pick the esper, because you can steal the Ragnarok from the final boss part before Kefka and save your game after you beat it, repeat as necessary!), and the Cactuar esper gives +2 to speed on level up (so you don't have to keep Odin around in order to boost speed and then finally dump him for Raiden). So, yay!

FFVI is still the buggiest.FF.ever. but this has never really impacted anyone's enjoyment of the game. I finally got to try out some of the more amusing bugs, like Shadow being the only one left on the party after having Gau leap on the Veldt and then Shadow leaves the party (somehow??) and you're stuck with zero party members, it's amusing as hell XD
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The hotel is extremely slow this time of year, so by virtue of this I've been able to get the studying and essays for my final week of school done while getting paid for it, yeah, I'm that good 8-)

The essay I have to write for Spanish Literature class is about this story where some domineering mother won't let her five daughters leave the house, so when one of them gets engaged to THE ONLY MAN THEY EVER EVEN GET TO SEE they all fight over him and masturbate to his photo and listen to each other have sex with him. This essay is going to write itself <3;;;

I also was able to fiddle around and finally install custom firmware onto [ profile] krile's PSP Slim. Did I mention it's a shiny pink one? Amount of weird looks I got at work while I was messing with it: 4? 5? The case is also pink, by the way.

Looking forward to having it all over with this semester so I can enjoy the holidays AND MY BIRTHDAY WHICH IS ON FRIDAY THE 21ST JUST FYI NOT TRYING TO REMIND ANYONE OR ANYTHING and presents. No, I'm not going to strikethrough that part, seriously, give me presents, that's what I want.

Oh and I'm kind of sick of snow already this year, and we get more tonight! I'm sorry but the adorable green VW Beetle I get the privilege of driving does not do well in ice aged conditions.
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The 3rd of this month marks six years that [ profile] krile and I have known each other.

Of course we decided to celebrate a little, and get each other gifts!

What did we give each other, you ask? I thought everyone knew that the 6th anniversary was the Megaman Anniversary!

Yes, we bought copies of Megaman Star Force for each other. I got Dragon version (because, you know, RAAR DRAGINS) and she got Pegasus (pretty wings!!1)

Nobody likes the Leo version, because... I mean, just think about it. Doesn't it automatically sound like the lamest version?

But anyway, yes, we decided on a whim to do this for who knows what reason. We kept talking about how there's ANOTHER Megaman series coming out? Forget THAT. And yet... here we are. We're such whores for Megaman games. Perhaps once we get a chance to play it more I'll post some wackyness about it.

It might sound like the most anti-romantic thing ever, but hey... we play the game together and help each other out! I'm reminded of how lucky I am because I was talking to some guy at school and he was complaining about how his girlfriend made fun of him for playing video games and has no interest in them, and yet mine encourages it and plays along with me! I guess it's easy to forget that there are girls like that when you happen to hang around a lot of gamer girls.

Speaking of which, school started for me finally on the 4th. I'm sooo rusty in my Japanese verbs T_T Most of what I learned and studied over the summer was vocab, so... but at least my Spanish is in top form 8-) Having no A/C in the modern languages building (oh ALL my classes happen to be there? Yay!) doesn't help matters, either. I'll start babbling in languages I don't even know if my brain melts~
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Quantity: 1
Total Price: $51.85
Option Chosen: Used

Quantity: 1
Total Price: $87.15
Option Chosen: Used

Quantity: 1
Total Price: $78.15
Option Chosen: Used

Total : $217.15


Dammit people, that's my video game money. At least I get to re-use my Japanese textbook from last semester. We'll probably open that workbook 3 times the whole class, too.

Still, I can't wait to get back to school, sadly enough. What can I say, when you're at the point in time when you can take the classes you're actually interested in, school takes on a whole new meaning.

.. then again, if I could just play Persona 3 and go to school in the game instead, that'd be pretty cool too.

Mis amigos

Jul. 27th, 2007 08:26 pm
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We had a really nice family from Monterrey, Mexico staying with us at the hotel I work at for the past couple of weeks. They "caught me" because I pronounced their names correctly when they checked in, so it outed me that I knew Spanish. From then on they would come up to the desk every so often and "make" me speak Spanish to them XD They knew perfect English but they wanted me to practice since I'm out of school for the summer.

They had a little daughter with them and she didn't know much English at all, so she didn't get to talk to anyone on her own besides her family. Her parents would bring her up to the desk every day they knew I was working and she would talk to me a little. She was kind of shy but warmed up to me a bit, I think she was glad to find someone new to talk to in this strange place she was visiting.

Her parents even made me an authentic Mexican burrito for dinner one night! It was really good, too, with plenty of guacamole and pico de gallo inside.

Anyway, it was a fun little experience and I'm glad my Spanish held up well, they kept complimenting me on my pronunciation and everything, which is honestly one of the best compliments I can be paid considering it's my major.
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School is done for the semester! This is an awesome thing.

My finals were pretty easy, although in my Spanish class what we did was sit in a circle (yes, a circle) and the teacher just went around the room asking us random culture and grammar questions from the book. I was dumb and suddenly forgot the preterit conjugation for decir and translated it as dar among other things, but no one in the class was taking it seriously and the teacher gave us all good grades anyway so whatever XD I totally gave an awesome explanation of the legend of Quetzalcóatl, though~ (plus I could actually pronounce it)

So now I get to go visit family in North Carolina this Friday, and afterwards, off to Disney World~! A nice two-week vacation. I'll get in some good portable gaming on the plane and stuff for sure.

Until then I'm focused on playing .hack G.U. Vol 2, or the "Alkaid likes Haseo awkwardly show"! And... cleaning and packing and stuff. Actually I'm going to sit back in my boxers, sip some orange juice, and play some DS right now. Yay for time off ♥
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Google Homepage is a wonderful thing, you can add all kinds of stuff to it like RSS feeds and weather reports. Being the diligent student of Spanish I am, I added the Spanish word of the day so I can expand my vocabul... WAIT NO LOOK

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And it was freezing and it ended up snowing! At least I made it home in one piece. I keep forgetting to wear my scarf though, dammit.

So now we're finally getting into Katakana in Japanese this semester. Which is good because now I can actually write my name, among other things. Plus a lot of video game character names are in Katakana so it helps me when I search Japanese sites.

No completely annoying Otaku in my class, so far as I can tell. They're mostly weeded out the first semester when they realize the class doesn't involve discussing Naruto episodes. BELIEVE IT.

(It's not that I have any problem with someone choosing to pursue an education in something because of a hobby, in fact I think it's great that a person would be motivated to better themselves from something like that. Heck, I'm studying it partly because of my love of Japanese video games, plus I like some animes and Japanese music. But when the walking talking stereotype of an Otaku girl sits down in your class and immediately confesses that they're studying Japanese because they think Inuyasha is cool, it makes me want to distance myself from that kind of person. Literally, because they don't shower. How can you love kawaii neko anime bishies but not deodorant? Do you think magical girls don't use deodorant? Is there not any room in your Naruto bag for makeup? You and the guy with a ponytail who sits behind you look almost identical, and he is not the one at fault here. Oh god, I will not miss you at all, Inuyasha girl.)

My Spanish class is pretty cool too because I have a lot of the same classmates as last semester, but OH GOD IT'S SO LONG. From 5:15 to 8 PM. We get a 15 minute break, but still. I'm sure I'll get used to it as the semester goes on. I learned a new word today, at least. Apparently babysitters are called canguros (kangaroos) in some Spanish-speaking countries. Get it, the pouch? I found that interesting.

[ profile] charmwitch, do you call buses guagua down there? My teacher mentioned Puerto Rico was one area that does. I know in some other countries guagua = baby, and we read this little comic where some guys were confused as to why they would wait at a bus stop for a baby xD
Interests Collage )

In other news I had my first classes today. Spanish seems pretty easy, and Japanese was very amusing. Of course there were a bunch of people taking the class only cuz they like anime (I'm not too much better, but anyway~) and we learned about desudesudesudesudesudesudesu. It was fun.

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