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So this is the third day in a row that the hotel I work at has been without power. It's pretty awesome. While the rest of the hotel sits in eternal darkness I get to post on LJ about them 8-)

We've got a generator running for the office at least, which explains how I'm able to post this. It's still kind of dumbfounding how people can walk into a barely-lit lobby and be suddenly surprised that there's no electricity when I tell them, though. We're not having a rave, here, these glowsticks are to light things up.

Surprisingly most people were chill about it the first day, but by now most people have checked out. Naturally, many people ask if there's any kind of compensation we'll give them for this "horrendous ordeal", but it's not our fault, you know? You chose to stay here, so either check out or put up. Go yell at the power company or something.

It's actually kind of fun after a while, working sans-power. 99% of my job now is to tell people to go away (or make the situation sound so bad that nobody would ever possibly want to stay here during it), and the rest is me playing DS in the dark. Reminds me of our awesome family vacations in the middle of nowhere in Mexico when I was growing up. I've played SNES hundreds of miles out in the wilderness using a generator, and of course nothing beats playing Gameboy in the "outback". Until it gets dark and you have to use a flashlight... well, you used to have to do that, anyway. One good thing I can say about the old brick, though, is that it was nice to be able to switch out batteries at the first sign of them dying and jump right back into things.

Anyway, I'll be here staring at glowsticks and contemplating what they might taste like if you need me.
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The hotel is extremely slow this time of year, so by virtue of this I've been able to get the studying and essays for my final week of school done while getting paid for it, yeah, I'm that good 8-)

The essay I have to write for Spanish Literature class is about this story where some domineering mother won't let her five daughters leave the house, so when one of them gets engaged to THE ONLY MAN THEY EVER EVEN GET TO SEE they all fight over him and masturbate to his photo and listen to each other have sex with him. This essay is going to write itself <3;;;

I also was able to fiddle around and finally install custom firmware onto [ profile] krile's PSP Slim. Did I mention it's a shiny pink one? Amount of weird looks I got at work while I was messing with it: 4? 5? The case is also pink, by the way.

Looking forward to having it all over with this semester so I can enjoy the holidays AND MY BIRTHDAY WHICH IS ON FRIDAY THE 21ST JUST FYI NOT TRYING TO REMIND ANYONE OR ANYTHING and presents. No, I'm not going to strikethrough that part, seriously, give me presents, that's what I want.

Oh and I'm kind of sick of snow already this year, and we get more tonight! I'm sorry but the adorable green VW Beetle I get the privilege of driving does not do well in ice aged conditions.

Mis amigos

Jul. 27th, 2007 08:26 pm
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We had a really nice family from Monterrey, Mexico staying with us at the hotel I work at for the past couple of weeks. They "caught me" because I pronounced their names correctly when they checked in, so it outed me that I knew Spanish. From then on they would come up to the desk every so often and "make" me speak Spanish to them XD They knew perfect English but they wanted me to practice since I'm out of school for the summer.

They had a little daughter with them and she didn't know much English at all, so she didn't get to talk to anyone on her own besides her family. Her parents would bring her up to the desk every day they knew I was working and she would talk to me a little. She was kind of shy but warmed up to me a bit, I think she was glad to find someone new to talk to in this strange place she was visiting.

Her parents even made me an authentic Mexican burrito for dinner one night! It was really good, too, with plenty of guacamole and pico de gallo inside.

Anyway, it was a fun little experience and I'm glad my Spanish held up well, they kept complimenting me on my pronunciation and everything, which is honestly one of the best compliments I can be paid considering it's my major.
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Happy birthday to the one and only [ profile] krile! I hope you will enjoy all the presents you will recieve which were probably not carefully selected so that I get to enjoy most of them myself too.

I hope I am up to being slave-for-a-day to her after working from 9:30AM to 12:00 AM yesterday. Yes, that's.. a lot of hours that my brain cannot do the math for right now. But, I must survive, FOR HER SAKE I WILL NOT FAIL (plus like Final Fantasy III comes out tomorrow and I have to live at least that long)

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