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Myself, my lady, and my bro have been steadily plowing through our Virtual Console version playthrough of Secret of Mana, although we usually only get to play it one day a week. It's best not to rush something so good anyway, though. I'm going to make sure I get all those rare drops in the Pure Land and max all of our spell and weapon levels, so that this becomes THE ULTIMATE SAVE!1!l!

Still, now I'm intrigued because there's now a 3-player patch for Seiken Densetsu 3, and goddamn there's nothing more fun than multiplayer Mana. The original version only allowed 2 players at a time for some odd reason. I tried it out on the SNES emulator on my Wii and it works fine, so we're definitely going to give that a whirl once we're done with SD2. I've never played much of SD3, so I'm looking forward to finally giving it a shot.

So, yeah, Mana Mania lately. I've gotta play Sword of Mana at some point, too. I played "Final Fantasy Adventure" enough times after all.

I also managed to survive Connection '09 with minimal injuries both physically and emotionally. I had managed not to buy anything until the last day, when I discovered a copy of Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon Plus for sale. Which includes Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax Chronicle Edition, a.k.a. Nocturne but instead of Dante, Raidou's in it.

They hit me in the one spot I can't resist, damn! ~WEAK POINT~

Oh yeah, and I also got a small Cless (from ToP) figure because [ profile] krile got Arche, and well, how else is she going to fuck like a tiger, I ask you?
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The PS3 is back up and running, so I've been plowing through SMT: Nocturne again like it was a dirty whore on discount. It's interesting how much progress you can make when determined, also 2nd playthroughs are usually much quicker than the first, so I should be caught up in no time.

I think I might've mentioned it before, but Secret of Mana on the Virtual Console is amazing. Not only because it's a great classic game, but the multiplayer is so much easier on the Wii. I never got to play it more than 2 players back in the day... I mean, who had a multitap? Seriously. But yeah, this game is still incredible. It's hard to believe they actually had to cut this game down a bit because it was originally slated for the SNES's CD system. I'd love to see an HD remake of this game with all the content that was cut added in. Then again... this goes for 99% of my favorite games :D~

Also, I unfortunately have almost zero desire to finish Pokémon Platinum now because of all the awesome HeartGold/SoulSilver news >_> HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO US. Maybe I'll actually completely fill out my Pokédex this time, though. That's some goal to work towards.

... I need to finish all these damned games. (So I can play more)

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