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The first hot-weather day of the year was today! I feel ENERGIZED compared to the dreary, frozen days of winter. I'd write something here about how I'm looking forward to it being short skirt season, but the last time I did that SOME PEOPLE mistook me for a girl, because apparently that means that I, myself, want to wear them. Well let me tell you something, not only are there red-blooded males here on Livejournal, but I actually do have the legs to pull that kind of thing off, if I wanted to. So there.

Anyway, I've written far too many non-video game related words, so let's kick things off! Numero uno, I'm playing FFXII again.

1-900-GAY-VEST )

Also, playin' Suikoden Thunderthighs. "Taco Bell", my protagonist, talksreallyfastlikethis and enjoys looking hideous if you get too close in battle. But, it's Suikoden, meaning things are SUPPOSED to be unintentionally hilarious. This game has nothing on "it's a piss" and dialing a phone with your feet like previous games.
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Okay now that that's out of the way, how did I never realize that in FF6 if you leave certain treasure chests unopened in the World of Balance and come back for them in the World of Ruin they'll be better treasures?

In all fairness I never had any kind of strategy guide for FF6, I just went by the Nintendo Powers that covered basically everything (BUT NOT THIS I GUESS!).

It's actually... kind of cool that I've just now discovered this kind of thing about such an old, classic game. I'm going to restart my FF6 Advance save and try it. We got it for Xmas this year (finally) and I didn't play very long... most of my game clock was used messing with the menu colors xD; GO BLINDING CHOCOBO MENU BACKGROUNDS

I keep meaning to post pix of my loot but I'm too busy enjoying it xD; Also certain post-Xmas presents haven't arrived yet, so I'll wait and be lazy.

HOWEVER I found FF12 figures at FYE for insanely cheap yesterday so they were purchased with leftover Xmas money. Vaan was only 10 bux (the cheapest), this amused me.

Now, for wacky pictures time )

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