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The cover art for my Spanish book this semester is so trippy/epic

Anyway, been busy with so many awesome games to play lately! I've gotten into Zelda: Phantom Hourglass pretty heavily, at first I was like "oh yeah, that DS Zelda game, sure" but it's really, really good! ~THANK YOU FOR GIVING US A ZELDA GAME WHERE RUPEES ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING~ I had to literally waste rupees in Twilight Princess and Wind Waker so I could collect the chests that had some in them, and even then it was kind of pointless. The game reminds me of some bizarre mix of Link's Awakening and Wind Waker somehow.

I've also finally gotten around to playing FFVI Advance some more, only because [ profile] krile hogs it all the time! This playthrough I have decided to add a "y" to the end of everyone's names, because I figure after all these years everyone's pretty friendly with each other, right? Lockey, Sabiny, Edgary, Celesy? We're all one big happy family~~~

It really seems like when they were adding new stuff into the GBA version they had all the old annoyances in mind. Now you don't have to choose between the Ragnarok esper or the sword (you should pick the esper, because you can steal the Ragnarok from the final boss part before Kefka and save your game after you beat it, repeat as necessary!), and the Cactuar esper gives +2 to speed on level up (so you don't have to keep Odin around in order to boost speed and then finally dump him for Raiden). So, yay!

FFVI is still the buggiest.FF.ever. but this has never really impacted anyone's enjoyment of the game. I finally got to try out some of the more amusing bugs, like Shadow being the only one left on the party after having Gau leap on the Veldt and then Shadow leaves the party (somehow??) and you're stuck with zero party members, it's amusing as hell XD
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Okay now that that's out of the way, how did I never realize that in FF6 if you leave certain treasure chests unopened in the World of Balance and come back for them in the World of Ruin they'll be better treasures?

In all fairness I never had any kind of strategy guide for FF6, I just went by the Nintendo Powers that covered basically everything (BUT NOT THIS I GUESS!).

It's actually... kind of cool that I've just now discovered this kind of thing about such an old, classic game. I'm going to restart my FF6 Advance save and try it. We got it for Xmas this year (finally) and I didn't play very long... most of my game clock was used messing with the menu colors xD; GO BLINDING CHOCOBO MENU BACKGROUNDS

I keep meaning to post pix of my loot but I'm too busy enjoying it xD; Also certain post-Xmas presents haven't arrived yet, so I'll wait and be lazy.

HOWEVER I found FF12 figures at FYE for insanely cheap yesterday so they were purchased with leftover Xmas money. Vaan was only 10 bux (the cheapest), this amused me.

Now, for wacky pictures time )

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