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So... I've been playing various games lately. This is the most obvious statement in the world, but still, here it is in my post.

A 360? In MY living room? It's slightly more likely than you think. Also I'm playing Blue Dragon! )

But, of course, I wouldn't neglect my other consoles, so...

Basically if you own a PS3, play Valkyria Chronicles )

Also: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is awesome, Wild Arms XF is fun, and this is the first Christmas in probably... 9 years or so, that I haven't gotten a PS2 game for Christmas. Of course, I basically own them all already, so it's kind of cheating.
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It's been an eventful holiday! I went and did this, and while nothing can top that... I got some OTHER awesome Xmas presents too.

I am now Xbox 360 compatible, with the gamertag Nocturnal Serph! So, any Xbox peoples out there should please add me as I transition into this brave new world.

Got a lot of interesting-looking games and all that, Wild Arms XF for PSP is fun so far and THE LEGENDARY STARFY IS THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED, CALLING IT NOW. Also Phantasy Star Zero, which I got for my birthday on the 21st, is amazingly addictive and adorable.

I will probably post all about these games eventually, now it's time to go play them. Happy holidays and new year and stuff *woosh*

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