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So this is the third day in a row that the hotel I work at has been without power. It's pretty awesome. While the rest of the hotel sits in eternal darkness I get to post on LJ about them 8-)

We've got a generator running for the office at least, which explains how I'm able to post this. It's still kind of dumbfounding how people can walk into a barely-lit lobby and be suddenly surprised that there's no electricity when I tell them, though. We're not having a rave, here, these glowsticks are to light things up.

Surprisingly most people were chill about it the first day, but by now most people have checked out. Naturally, many people ask if there's any kind of compensation we'll give them for this "horrendous ordeal", but it's not our fault, you know? You chose to stay here, so either check out or put up. Go yell at the power company or something.

It's actually kind of fun after a while, working sans-power. 99% of my job now is to tell people to go away (or make the situation sound so bad that nobody would ever possibly want to stay here during it), and the rest is me playing DS in the dark. Reminds me of our awesome family vacations in the middle of nowhere in Mexico when I was growing up. I've played SNES hundreds of miles out in the wilderness using a generator, and of course nothing beats playing Gameboy in the "outback". Until it gets dark and you have to use a flashlight... well, you used to have to do that, anyway. One good thing I can say about the old brick, though, is that it was nice to be able to switch out batteries at the first sign of them dying and jump right back into things.

Anyway, I'll be here staring at glowsticks and contemplating what they might taste like if you need me.
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This is the artist formerly known as yeshallbeasgods. I have decided to rename my account because, well, I wanted to. So this strange person you're seeing on your friend's list.. is still strange, but has a different name. Just so you know~!

Anyway, I suppose I should do a normal update, too.

I have been doing MANLY WORK around the house, because I have to put together this computer desk at our place that is in a million pieces. It's sort of like studying those instructions when you put together Lego sets, except you can't use the parts to turn it into a big castle with a spaceship port and secret pirate dungeon instead. At least, not in any way I can figure out.

Gaming-wise, I'm still stuck in the rut of replaying games and not having time to play anything new. Suikodens II and IV are getting replayed, and I'm ignoring Ys for some reason ;_;. I want to finish up at least one or two of those, and then finally buy Makai Kingdom.

I'm kind of angsting over school at the moment because I have to wait until December to get in-state tuition here, but I want to take some kind of course to keep me occupied until then :o. But the only course I want to take is held on Friday nights from 6 to 9-something. And work suddenly wants me to work on Friday nights, too! So I am emo now. I am so out of practise with my Spanish, it's disgraceful =(. Necesito praticar muuucho, pero yo quiero taco bell ;-;

But, anyway, I shall prevail! Or something. My dream of working for the Mexican government will not die.

P.S. [ profile] krile is totally the best girlfriend ever and is really hot.

P.P.S. We drew Tir McDohl (Bocchan~!) fanart on the tablecloth at the restaurant when we went out last Friday, I will post the pic I took of it on my phone later xD

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