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Out of nowhere I decided to replay Zelda II: The Adventure of Link last week.

I've always liked this game a lot, I think the fact that it's "different" gives it a unique atmosphere since Koji Kondo didn't do the music, Miyamoto wasn't involved in it, etc. Plus you get to make Link jump into pits of lava and give yourself a seizure as he dies. But really, the 2nd game in a series being the "weird" one was nothing new back then - "Mario 2" and Castlevania 2 being perfect examples. All these series went back to the original game's style in the 3rd game anyway, so it's fun to enjoy the offbeat titles for what they are.

It's actually the first game I can remember anticipating a lot, I must've gotten it the Christmas after I got my NES. I poured over the info printed in Nintendo Power constantly and made SURE that my Dad knew which Zelda game to get. There may have even been practice runs in Toys R Us to see if he could tell the difference between the original game and Zelda II.

Oddly enough I remember certain palaces in this game COMPLETELY differently than the actually are. I'm not sure if I made those levels out to be harder than they actually were in my head back when I was a kid or what, but it's bizarre. I'm still terrified of the Great Palace, but it's really weird to realize that I (mostly) remember the layout of it after all these years.

I've begun to play the original Zelda again too, but I'm not sure if I feel like playing that over again right now considering that Dragon Quest V should be arriving in the mail tomorrow. Ah, choices, choices.
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The cover art for my Spanish book this semester is so trippy/epic

Anyway, been busy with so many awesome games to play lately! I've gotten into Zelda: Phantom Hourglass pretty heavily, at first I was like "oh yeah, that DS Zelda game, sure" but it's really, really good! ~THANK YOU FOR GIVING US A ZELDA GAME WHERE RUPEES ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING~ I had to literally waste rupees in Twilight Princess and Wind Waker so I could collect the chests that had some in them, and even then it was kind of pointless. The game reminds me of some bizarre mix of Link's Awakening and Wind Waker somehow.

I've also finally gotten around to playing FFVI Advance some more, only because [ profile] krile hogs it all the time! This playthrough I have decided to add a "y" to the end of everyone's names, because I figure after all these years everyone's pretty friendly with each other, right? Lockey, Sabiny, Edgary, Celesy? We're all one big happy family~~~

It really seems like when they were adding new stuff into the GBA version they had all the old annoyances in mind. Now you don't have to choose between the Ragnarok esper or the sword (you should pick the esper, because you can steal the Ragnarok from the final boss part before Kefka and save your game after you beat it, repeat as necessary!), and the Cactuar esper gives +2 to speed on level up (so you don't have to keep Odin around in order to boost speed and then finally dump him for Raiden). So, yay!

FFVI is still the buggiest.FF.ever. but this has never really impacted anyone's enjoyment of the game. I finally got to try out some of the more amusing bugs, like Shadow being the only one left on the party after having Gau leap on the Veldt and then Shadow leaves the party (somehow??) and you're stuck with zero party members, it's amusing as hell XD

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