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Well, I beat Xenosaga Episode III. I won't post any spoilers or anything. Let's just say that it left me satisfied, which is a very good thing. Especially considering the series was trimmed down to just three games and all. Still, I would love to see more, if that ever would be possible.

The ending was bittersweet, but.. good, in a strange kind of way. I liked it.

Anyway, other than that I suppose now I'll have to beat Disgaea 2, seeing as how [ profile] krile has already done so and on her second playthrough she's almost further along than I am on my first *shakes fist*.

I'm also enjoying Japanese class immensley. It's fun to slowly read Hiragana of words you already know from being Wapanese (Ne.... Ko? Oh, like Neko. Yes :3). I had to hold back laughing when we learned Ra Ri Ru Re Ro (HLEP PATRIOTS), and I've actually begun to spot references in games I've played involving Japanese. Like, in SaGa Frontier there's this guy named Uncle Taco who is an octopus. Well, Ta Ko is octopus in Japanese, so I was like... OH! I get it now. I thought maybe he was just some Mexican octopus who builds robots.

Maybe I'll finally be able to go back to playing Radiata Stories, although going back and playing HaKox in Xenosaga III is very tempting. It is the most hilarious thing ever. Jin being squished into a purple mess by brightly colored blocks and Albedo launching into the abyss while screaming MY EXISTENCE.. IS INFINITE!!!!11 will haunt me forever.
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It amazes me that game companies conspire to bring out a bunch of games I really want all at once, after all the years of my loyalty to them. *shakes fist* Add Xenosaga Episode III, Disgaea 2, and me finally getting into Radiata Stories all in the confines of one week, and well, I've been keeping busy, shall we say.

Luckily I won't be in school until the 7th, so I have some time to play them. SPANISH AND JAPANESE CLASSES! SUSHI BURRITOS.

Here's a quick spoiler-free recap of the objects of my current obsession:

Xenosaga Episode III: Shion must recover her Barbie (KOS-MOS) and do battle with Black Barbie (T-ELOS) with the help of her wacky friends. Together they will triumph over every obstacle except Allen's virginity.

Disgaea 2: From the creators of "SRPG better than Disgaea™" and "other SRPG better than Disgaea™" comes an SRPG that.. tries really hard to be Disgaea in every possible way. But it's okay because it's interesting enough on its own and the main characters have big ties and big breasts. Not both at the same time though, unfortunately.

Radiata Stories: Pretend a Nintendog was made the main character of an RPG. Actually I was going to add more but that really covers it.

I guess there's some kind of existence that is worse than having so many awesome games to play at once, but I don't know of any.

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