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I don't know if I should feel ashamed that I'm excited over my 1 TB external hard drive that came in the mail yesterday. I'm practically treating it as a toy, even though all I'm using it for is to... back stuff up. Actually, no, this must be completely normal behavior. A thousand gigabytes has to translate into fun at some point, statistically speaking.

Anyway, school starts again next week, I'm hoping it's my last semester. I've been trying to keep up with both languages so I'm not terribly rusty... on my final I actually forgot how to write the katakana "テ" for SOME GODAWFUL REASON, it was so completely random. Yeah, sure, I can discuss Hiroshima memorial sites no problem but write "Television" in Japanese? NOPE :D (I managed to write about something else so it was no big deal, but still...)

Gaming-wise, I finished my "perfect enough" save file on P3 FES: The Journey, and I'm making short work of The Answer as well. I'll be playing P4 before too long! Maybe.

I'm actually thinking of writing up a self-help "how to finish your gaming backlog" guide, because I've been doing a pretty good job of it lately, plus I know many people out there with this shameful problem.

Well, tonight's date night, I suppose I should get around to that eventually... *sigh* the life of an ace gamer such as myself is a hard one, but someone's got to do it. *wears sunglasses at night*


Sep. 29th, 2006 09:03 pm
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Blarg, I forgot how much of your free time being in school eats up. I've hardly been paying attention to things like LJ (!) and online stuff in general. Although honestly, now that I've beaten Disgaea 2 and am into the powerleveling and post-game goodies, that takes up a chunk of my free time, too.

I'm not complaining, really, it's just an adjustment. Less time for LJ posting and imageboard browsing and instant messaging.

I bought another external hard drive to help my ever-expanding amount of files. With 40+ GB of music, over 6 GB of pictures (this doesn't include high-res artbook scans or doujinshi... ) and various anime series downloaded, it was inevitable. I have about 260 GB free at the moment ;D (I somehow feel proud about this, forgive my geeky moment. On second though, almost all of my moments are geeky)

And now, to rob that bank study that Hiragana.

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