Apr. 6th, 2011

slimequest: (It's not gay if it's a she-slime)
I've seen lots of people I know on LJ start up pretty successful and interesting communities and events lately, and it gave me an idea of something I might try out, if there's enough interest. So that's where this post comes in!

Basically, I was thinking we could gather a community this summer (when I assume most people would have more free time than usual) and pick one ROM per month for us all to play together. I figured we would probably focus on 16-bit games because they're probably the best balance between "oh god can my computer play this" and "is that supposed to be a cat or a dragon?". Oh, and this would primarily be RPGs and action-RPG-type-games. You know me.

If we pick one ROM a month, I think that's leisurely enough to fit in with all our other responsibilities. I don't necessarily expect everyone to finish the game in that timespan, but at least play enough of it to experience most of what it has to offer.

Speaking for myself, I know I have a huge backlog of modern games I payed good money for and all that, so I wouldn't expect to take up too much of mine or anyone else's time. Many SNES RPGs, for example, clock in under 30 hours of gameplay, which isn't terribly demanding. And considering this wouldn't cost anyone anything, I think pretty much anyone willing to play could participate. Whatever device you're currently reading this with can more than likely play these games.

Let's play underappreciated games, and write (non)terrible fanfiction about them. Okay maybe skip step 2. )

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