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It's been an eventful holiday! I went and did this, and while nothing can top that... I got some OTHER awesome Xmas presents too.

I am now Xbox 360 compatible, with the gamertag Nocturnal Serph! So, any Xbox peoples out there should please add me as I transition into this brave new world.

Got a lot of interesting-looking games and all that, Wild Arms XF for PSP is fun so far and THE LEGENDARY STARFY IS THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED, CALLING IT NOW. Also Phantasy Star Zero, which I got for my birthday on the 21st, is amazingly addictive and adorable.

I will probably post all about these games eventually, now it's time to go play them. Happy holidays and new year and stuff *woosh*
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Since school has been out, I've been trying to get out more and have some summer fun, which to me always includes epic gaming sessions along with going out, swimming, sweating, etc.

So anyway, here's a giant post about things, LJ-cut into bite-sized pieces for your convenience.

Games I've been playing lately, including the newest Tales of Phantasia Playstation Ver. translation, Wild Arms 5, and Nightmare of Druaga: FUSHIGINO DUNGEON )

Product review! Star Ocean: Second Evolution Accessory set for PSP )

Phew! Well, now that's out of my system, at least. Looking forward to MGS4 coming out soon, but I'm hoping to polish off Portable Ops before then. Enjoy this summer weather, everyone~
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Phew, finals are over with! It still seems odd that it's over for now, but I'm not about to complain. I'm looking forward to having fun and doing lots of things over the summer.

Speaking of which, I just got back last night from a road trip with my dad to go see my little brother's graduation. Although obviously my little bro was the main point of it all, it was great to have the whole family (myself, dad, and two younger brothers) together again to have some fun like old times again. I actually didn't get much of a chance to play DS or anything (!!!) because we were too busy doing other stuff.

Of course, I missed home and my girl and my games, obviously. I think [ profile] krile mentioned it in her journal, but we finally beat Wild Arms 3~! And of course that same day we popped WA5 in and began to play it. It's really good; quite addicting, actually. And the cast is quirky and hilarious as was WA3's, but in different ways. I think that's one aspect of Wild Arms games I like the most.

I also downloaded Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King for the Wii. It's sort of an odd mix of Sim City and Soul Blazer/Dark Cloud. Basically you play the shota king who can't go out and fight, so you hire adventurers from your town to go explore and beat up monsters. Meanwhile you have to build houses and other buildings and make sure everyone's happy. The fact that you get to run around as the king and actually speak to your townspeople makes it a lot more fun than some top-down view kind of a thing. It's probably about as interesting to watch someone play it as Sim City would be, but it's pretty addicting if you're the one playing it. There's also downloadable content like new dungeons and outfits and races and things like that to keep things spiced up.

Aaaanyway, despite the fact that I have to work the day after getting back from my trip, I plan to take it easy for a couple weeks now that school is out, maybe catch up on my gaming and go to some fun places. I really do want to keep up with my Spanish/Japanese practice during the summer though, because going back in the fall having not used it for months would kind of suck. Yeah.
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Brawl screenshot gallery update! Going through classic and all-star with everyone was made much more bearable with wacky screenshot action.

Although Brawl mania is still going strong, I've actually begun to play other games again! Wild Arms 3 in particular. I ended up doing the super magic technique to get 99 Heal Berries, which should make me set for healing for the rest of the game, I hope! Having such limited healing items in Wild Arms games is stressful xD; I hope Wild Arms 5 is a little better in this regard, whenever I finish 3 I guess I'll find out!

Also picked up Rune Factory again for some reason. Considering I'm still playing a little bit of Animal Crossing: Wild World every day, it seems eerily similar to be doing such repetitive tasks over and over! At least with Rune Factory I can abandon the game for months at a time without my town exploding. Also, I'm almost ready to get married in the game :3

Here's a small list of my backlog of doom, most of which is left over from Christmas presents I never played beyond the first hour or so!

-Heroes of Mana
-FF12: Revenant Wings
-DQM Joker (actually played this one quite a bit, I just need to get back into it, I'm not even stuck anywhere or anything!)
-Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (waaaay behind since the next game is already out, obviously)
-Shining Force EXA (haven't even opened this one yet!)
-Wild Arms 5 (same, haven't opened it, although drool marks are on the box)
-Metroid Prime 3
-Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (currently playing)

... as you can see, most of these are DS games. Between school, Brawl, getting distracted by old games and playing ROMs of them, among other things, I have a lot of catching up to do! I guess it's nice to be able to pick up somewhat "new" games directly from my own shelf and play them rather than having to spend money and go hunting for them, though.

I still want Dragon Quest Swords, dammit. But not until I finish off some of these. At least I'm enjoying all the games I'm playing currently.
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That is the sound of me beating Wild Arms Alter Code:F. Finally. But it was a very fun, entertaining game with a unique charm to it. It's funny because all the reviews basically said "well, you'll like it if you're a fan of the original.." and I never played the original but still loved it. So... there!

Wild Arms 5 now comes with a preorder bonus of an artbook spanning the whole Wild Arms series, so I'm just forced at gunpoint to preorder it. You bastards.

On a more classical note, I recently downloaded Shining Force on the ol' Virtual Console. You know, the game that isn't as good as Shining Force II but you play it anyway because it's fun. I actually got to play these games and Phantasy Star and many others on SEGA CHANNEL back in the day. Man, that was a kickass service. You got it through your cable company, plugged it into your Genesis (with a coaxial cable plugged into this weird cartridge kind of thing) and you got to pick from 30 or so games every month. Back then this was quite an awesome thing, even though if your cable went out your game supply got cut off. (And if there's nothing on TV, playing games is the next logical thing to do, right?)

Considering I was a SNES kid and my brothers only got a Genesis because 1. I wouldn't share my SNES with them most of the time, and 2. My parents didn't let us get two SNESes because we were supposed to share, and yet got a Genesis for them because it was different, this was a great opportunity for me to sample Sega's finest. Good times, man, good times.

Aaanyway, Shining Force. Yeah. My first Strategy RPG. Actually I played the second one first (because they offered it up on Sega Channel first for me) but both of these games got me addicted to the genre. I think it was also one of the first (if not THE first) games I played that had anime-style art in it, which is very commonplace nowadays. A game of many firsts for me! Here's hoping SFII comes to the VC soon as well.

Also I'm still mad that Tales of Legendia doesn't have any voice acting during the second half of the game. This is the most retarded thing ever.

*slight spoilers, nothing specific*

Basically once you "beat" the game and the credits roll, there's a whole other half of the game to play called Character Quests. I guess the localization team thought it was just some random sidequests which they didn't need to bother with, but it's actually a whole huge chunk of the game. So suddenly everyone's silent, and it's just kind of lazy on their part and it sucks. It's bad enough that every freakin' Tales game gets its opening song cut out of it *shakes fist*

This makes me very unmotivated to play the rest of the game, because I actually quite liked the voices in this game and it was very nice to see so MUCH voice acting instead of just reading text. I'm going to miss Moses' "y'all" ;_;
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Arc II's final boss is.. interesting. I won't spoil it, (though it's not something terribly epic or anything, not quite "out of nowhere" like FF9's last boss but nothing spectacularly MIND-BLOWING either) but this.. thing is more challenging than every other enemy in the game combined.

Considering it has 9999 HP and the most you can realistically expect to damage it per attack is maybe 300 or so... yeah. Get some popcorn and sit back. It's actually quite possible to get "stuck" and not be able to beat it, considering the final dungeon is one of those beloved "areas of no return". In fact, I did have to restart from an earlier save my first time playing the game because of this. You really do have to level quite a bit to have a decent shot at this guy, I was really thrown for a loop because this game is not terribly difficult at all except the last boss.

So.... 35 to 60 minutes. That's what the strategy guide gives for how long this guy can take. And when the STRATEGY GUIDE, the thing that tells you all the secrets and best strategies, suggests a fight can take an hour or more to beat, you know you're in for a wonderful time. Especially if you weren't following its guide all the way through the game to get all the best hidden items and such.

[ profile] krile and I were playing through this game slowly but surely (she had never played any of the Arc the Lad Collection, though she'd sat with me while I played Twilight of the Spirits and some of End of Darkness), and the other day we finally got to the end. Thus, I had the fun task of doing this battle all over again.

The battle itself is not all that dangerous if you know what you're doing, it's just time consuming. So in between giving attack commands for 40 minutes or so, I began to get slightly bored. Krile wisely went upstairs to do.. something, peeking back to see how many thousands of HP were left every now and then. I, on the other hand...

- Browsed the internet! Thanks to laptop technology, I was able to read about OTHER games besides the one I was playing, while I played it!

- Got a soda! I needed to stay awake after all. Dr. Pepper, by the way.

- Flipped to other channels on the TV! There was nothing good on, of course, but it was worth a shot.

Then, as the boss's HP dwindled to only a few thousand, I decided to screw around in the game to amuse myself. I decided that there would be an impromptu game of catch to be played with all the characters that weren't doing much in battle. Poco tossed some kind of jewel object at Tosh, promptly killing him and gaining Poco a level. Who knew jewelery could be so deadly? I'm imagining Krile throwing one of her necklaces at me, blood squirting everywhere, while she did a little pose and felt slightly stronger afterwards.

I tossed some items at the boss himself, he kept the pair of shoes I threw his way. I guess they were his style. Maybe he's one of those kinds of people that has 300 pairs of shoes in his closet. His EVIL closet!

Eventually the boss died, the ending played, etc etc. I think it only took me 40 minutes or so. Still, he has to go down in history as the final boss that is most disproportionately difficult compared to the normal battles in the game, in SRPGs anyway. Most SRPG final bosses are either pathetically easy or reasonably challenging, generally speaking. This guy can definitely surprise you in the worst way possible. And if you don't have a back-up save before the final dungeon? Well, maybe you can just pop in Arc III and pretend you beat it. Watch the ending on Youtube, that's what living in these modern times is all about.

Additionally, I'm going to totally beat Wild Arms Alter Code: F tonight :D Now that I have all the hidden characters and done all the sidequests I was interested in doing, it's go time~

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