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I don't have any homework this weekend. This is what happens when I'm given free time like this, especially on a slow night at work-

My Game Collection

I had started a game collection at IGN a while ago, but it was unfinished back then, and between now and then I got enough games to where it was just easier to redo it.

I'm certain I'm forgetting some games. In particular, it's hard to remember which NES games I actually, physically own, and which ones I just rented or borrowed back in the day. I shall have to take inventory when I get home.

Some of these games are technically [ profile] krile's, but now our collections are as one! How romantic.

oh my god over $10,000 worth
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I was gone all week from our house, we had to house-sit at [ profile] krile's mom's house while she was out of town. During this time, I ordered the newest Arc the Lad game to have something to do over there! So I'll do a mini-review.

Reviewness )

Besides that, I've decided to just study up on Spanish on my own instead of taking an unneccesary class for it. Saves me money, plus this way I can start filling out the paperwork for the Spring semester now instead of stressing over it at the last minute :3 I'm really not that out of practise except for things like verb conjugation and things like that, anyway.

Okay, this post took me like 2 hours to type because work suddenly decided to be busy, so I'll cut things short here :o. I still need to get that picture of Bocchan off my cell phone and upload it, if I could only find the cable xD; *runs back to the desk*

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