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Gonna just use this avatar forever for every possible entry anyway mwahaha~

I ended up deleting my Facebook today since I never used it and putting Rainbow Dash as my profile pic didn't stir up the shock and horror I was expecting it to (nobody noticed apparently).

I also deleted my Google+ account since people with MLP avatars would literally add me to their circles daily and it was actually more convenient to just get rid of the whole thing rather than sort through it all. I'm sure they were (mostly) nice people, I just never used it to begin with anyway!

Consolidating your online life is very satisfying.

I'm going to hang on to my tumblr only because of the cool pictures I find and because I've discovered tumblr savior. I'm sure I will eventually become convinced to leave that place too though!

But el jay, I could never delete you. I spent actual money on you at some point.

I guess I should talk about video games now so here goes: I've actually grown used to the way original DS games look on my 3DS and the convenience of just carrying around one handheld has trumped in the end. I'm really looking forward to getting more "in-depth" games for this thing. I should probably pick up Devil Survivor Overclocked if I see it on sale, and RE: Revelations' demo was really neat.

Gonna casually avoid the Vita until it drops heavily in price and that remake of Ys IV comes out for it, thereby forcing me to get one, though. At least from what I've seen, original PSP games actually look BETTER on it (whyyyy can't we have this for the 3DS) but seriously screw the entire concept of UMD transfer fees.
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