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- Comment to be interviewed.
- I’ll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. Favorite RPG? If this is too broad.....IDK make your own distinction.

This is very broad since... well, it's pretty much MY THING.

I'll say that Final Fantasy IV is my all-time favorite RPG and game in general. It's basically that nostalgic game that can never do any wrong, in my book.

Dragon Quest is my favorite RPG series overall, though. Dragon Quest VIII was a game I let myself get super-hyped-up for and it blew away even my highest of expectations, so I suppose that deserves a mention.

Megaten is a series I'm relatively newly exposed to (starting with Persona 3), but it's quickly become one of my favorites. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne was a game that completely took me by surprise with how much I ended up liking it, and has remained my favorite in the series that I've played, thus far.

I should probably stop here. You have no idea how many RPGs I love to death. I could go on forever.

2. What do you like about PONIES? :3

LOTS OF THINGS :3 My first episode was "Swarm of the Century", and Pinkie Pie being completely insane plus Twilight's mental breakdown and suggestion that they build an exact copy of Ponyville off to the side... yeah, that struck my sense of humor perfectly, and I was hooked ever since.

It's just such a happy freaking show, and I tend to be the type that enjoys happy, lighthearted things rather than intentionally dark, serious stuff, so it also has that going for it. The fact that it's something girly and colorful BUT I LIKE IT TOO makes it interesting to follow, as well. Blowing people's minds when I mention I like this show is also always fun, always.

I generally don't "do" fandoms but I'll say that FiM's is actually remarkably tolerable, and although all the BS you'd expect from any other fandom exists, I think the show's tone and messages shine through all that. Just something as simple as the artists being referred to as "drawfriends" instead of the usual "drawfags" is amazing to see, even if it's not being nice intentionally.

So, yeah, I'd say ponies bring me almost nothing but joy, something that can't be said for many things out there!

3. Least favorite archetypes in RPGs

I'd have to go with "intentionally bland lead heroine" as my least favorite. As in, she's not as cute as the younger girl in the party, and not as sexy as the older woman in the group. Yet despite that, she's the one the main hero dude chooses to hook up with. She's usually relegated to some kind of support role in battle, to add to her uninteresting qualities.

I guess what irks be about that is there isn't any reason why the "main female love interest" has to have this sort of bland virginal maiden quality to her in order to be with the main guy, or just star alongside him in general. Meanwhile, younger spunky cute girl is allowed to have more of a personality and have an interesting character design, and the older sexy lady party member is mature, attractive, and carries herself in a way that most hotblooded young heroes would appreciate. Both characters actually get to fight in battle, too.

There are a lot of RPGs that have this "setup" of three females, but I think some handle the main heroine better than others. Estelle from ToV, for example, is cute and amusing enough despite her "main girl" status, and has a lot of unique qualities that set her apart.

4. Favorite non-game passttimes

... This is a tough one.

Skipping the obvious acts of watching anime and messing around online, I actually do like to get outside and explore nature, particularly at the beach! Unfortunately nothing the east coast has to offer will ever live up to California/Mexico's coastline, so I've been unmotivated in that area for... well, a long time.

Speaking of Mexico, camping out there has been a family tradition since forever. We've camped right on the beach and in the middle of the desert before, and this is without anyone else around for miles and miles, mind you. The whole concept of desert survival/camping/having fun in the middle of nowhere is probably my "manliest" pursuit.

My area of study in school is modern languages, so anything involving either Spanish-speaking cultures or Japanese culture catches my interest. What little "actual" reading I get done is usually in one of those languages, typically short stories and poetry.

Oh, but make no mistake, even in the middle of Mexico I have my portable gaming systems, and I've used untranslated video game in assignments in Japanese class before. I really DO play games a lot.

5. How did you meet your fiancee? :33

And here come the nerdiest words I've ever typed: I met my fiancee, [ profile] krile, at a Final Fantasy message board. She had a Rydia avatar and she was a moderator, so I was obviously impressed! She and I got to talking, and we had at least video games in common, but as it turns out we're basically genderswapped versions of each other, with a few quirks thrown in for good measure.

Eventually we got up the courage to meet each other, and everything else fell into place from there. I ended up moving up to Connecticut to live with her and go to school, and the rest's pretty much history!

Of course, telling people "we met online" usually makes them think we were on some kind of dating site, but it's gotten fewer and fewer odd looks as time has gone on, since that seems to be more mainstream now.
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