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[Meme] - From [ profile] ledgem:
- Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

► If you were asked to cosplay as a female anime/manga/game character for an entire con, which one(s) would you be okay with?

I actually sorta look like Miyako from Pani Poni Dash already, just, a guy, obviously. So she'd be something I could manage that wouldn't look completely off.

I wouldn't be adverse to cosplaying as any female character, really, as long as I looked halfway decent as her. I'd welcome being able to understand what girls go through when it comes to stuff like high heels and things like that, just to relate better. I'm sure no matter what, I'd have some interesting new perspectives by the end of the con.

► If you and Krile could have your honeymoon in any of the video game worlds, which one would it be in?

Oh, this is a tough one because there are so many. It's a hard choice between a world where nothing bad would happen during the honeymoon and one where it'd be exciting enough. Maybe something like... going through a Pokemon game together? Lots of fun, cute adventures without any real risk involved. And plenty of stops at Pokemon Centers

► What was the first video game you remember ever playing in your tiny Slime days?

I remember seeing arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man when my parents would take me to places that had them (pizza places, back then, often did) and so I probably played something like that first. But in terms of the first game I really remember playing, it was the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES. I got that for my birthday that year, and a couple of days later on Christmas we got R.C. Pro-Am to go along with it.

► Do you speak a foreign language? If not, which language would you want to pick up first if you could?

Yeah, my major was Spanish and my minor was Japanese in college, so I can speak a bit of both (Spanish MUCH more than Japanese). Ideally I'd like to get a job at some point that used one or the other (or both), but I enjoy keeping up with my skills at the moment, at least. I really wish my Japanese was better, though.

Other than that, languages like Arabic, German, and Chinese compete for the spot of "next on the list" in my brain.

► I will ask everyone this question: What's your favorite Pokémon of each generation?

Okay this is hard as hell for me, so I promise I'll try to limit it to at least three of each gen. My love cannot be contained...

1st gen: Probably Jolteon overall, although I'm a big fan of my Charmander starter and its evolutions.

2nd gen: Xatu, Octillery, Typhlosion... so many good ones in Johto <3

3rd gen: Um, Numel and Breloom... also Skitty because of Krile.

4th gen: BUIZEL, BABY. It's my favorite Pokemon of them all. Easy one.

5th gen: Dammit, this is hard. I love Deerling, Dewott, and Emolga, among about 50 others.

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