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My shiny new iPad 2 arrived on Monday, so you only get one guess as to what I've been up to the last couple of days. Long story short, it's my new "main computer", and although before I got it I wondered whether something like this could actually do what I needed it to do, so far I've been pleasantly surprised.

All I really do is browse sites and occasionally post things like this anyway, and for that it works perfectly. The touch keyboard is very impressive and I can always use a Bluetooth one if I need those physical keys. It's actually surprisingly easy to type using international keyboards, too, which is also something I need.

Anyway, if anyone was considering getting one or had any questions about them, I'd be more than happy to provide my 2-day-old expertise on the subject. Oh, and app suggestions would also be welcomed, since I'm still new at the whole iOS thing in general.

Of course, I couldn't go very long without getting a nice game to play on it, so I ended up buying the new iPad version of Final Fantasy III. In short, it's amazing. The graphics are much improved from the DS version, and especially since the DS had touchscreen controls already, it's really easy to play. I kind of wanted an excuse to replay it, anyway...

Lookin' good there, Warriors of Light.

Oh, and I'll probably have our little gaming community set up here at LJ around the beginning of May or so! Stay tuned~
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