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I've been both lazy, busy with other things, and slacking off lately, and I won't even mention LJ's lack of working lately (oops I just did). But anyway~

I'm probably going to post the ROM of Live A Live over at Save Point tomorrow, along with reasons why you should totally play it. Like, for example, cowboy and cavemen chapters. And giant robot parodies. And so much more.

On the personal gaming front, I'm actually playing a Western game (!!!). Literally and figuratively. Namely, Fallout: New Vegas. It sort of randomly got sent to me from Goozex and I had forgotten I even put it on my requests, but hey... (essentially) free game.

Not gonna lie, the character designs and creation are ugly as hell, for the most part. Regardless, the whole "wandering around aimlessly in the desert" is something I've actually done in real life, so I'm definitely digging that aspect. The nonlinearity and general ability to fuck around randomly is very refreshing.

I'm also playing as a lady named "Applejack", with a cowboy hat and a penchant for bartering. That might just be the actual reason I'm playing.

In other news, I should really finish up my Dragon Quest primer. While it's still in the 25th anniversary year, preferably. I hate the whole "gathering up multimedia" part, oddly enough. The writing's easy.
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