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Hard to believe that exactly a week ago I was at our local Hartford-based anime con, Connecticon. It's sort of a dinky little thing that proclaims itself "everything and the kitchen sink", not JUST anime. Of course, all I care about are the anime/video game aspects of it, but it usually manages to pull through for me regardless.

I've felt like it's kind of gone downhill the past couple of years, but then again I never attend panels or watch any of the anime provided there, so I'm pretty much basing this entirely on the dealer's room offerings. I had to actually scour long and hard to find things to blow money on, and that's pretty bad. Still, I saw a lot of AWESOME cosplay so I wasn't disappointed or anything. But I do feel like we need to "step up our game" next year, perhaps attending Anime Boston or some other larger-scale con.

I've uploaded some pictures of cosplay and the like here, but note that a vast, VAST majority of these pictures were not taken by me. I pretty much scoured other people's galleries and chose a few to share here, because I'm usually both too shy and too distracted to remember to take people's pics myself. Still, I did personally see all these cosplayers for the most part, so... yeah. Same difference?

Of particular note are those last three photos you'll see! The lovely Sayaka from Madoka there is [ profile] krile herself, and she was quite popular! Apparently there were three Mamis hanging around (the one pictured had her friend as Charlotte somewhere, too), but no other Madoka characters. We pretty much stopped every 5 minutes for someone to take her picture (and she was loving this). And the dude in the rainbows posing with the hero from Dragon Quest VIII? C'mon, do I even have to say it? I'm a little sad that particular picture came out blurry, but I'm happy to have posed with him nonetheless.

Anyway, I'll have [ profile] krile snap some pics of a few of the goodies we picked up while there, but we're both recovering from "con flu" at the moment, so it might be a few days. Yes, we both got lots of hugs! I guess dressing up as tragic magical girls and/or lots of rainbows will have that effect on people, especially in that environment.
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