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Since [ profile] nemissa posted about her "geek tree" on Twitter, I thought I'd share some pics of ours.

Keychains: They make good ornaments for the lazy )

Welp, that's it for now. Hope everybody has a happy holiday, and more importantly, gets awesome presents!
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It's been an eventful holiday! I went and did this, and while nothing can top that... I got some OTHER awesome Xmas presents too.

I am now Xbox 360 compatible, with the gamertag Nocturnal Serph! So, any Xbox peoples out there should please add me as I transition into this brave new world.

Got a lot of interesting-looking games and all that, Wild Arms XF for PSP is fun so far and THE LEGENDARY STARFY IS THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED, CALLING IT NOW. Also Phantasy Star Zero, which I got for my birthday on the 21st, is amazingly addictive and adorable.

I will probably post all about these games eventually, now it's time to go play them. Happy holidays and new year and stuff *woosh*
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Well, first of all, Merry Christmas and all those other wonderful excuses-for-presents holidays!

This year was kind of a "let's hold back a little bit" year due to not having so much cash and, really more than anything, realizing that we don't appreciate most of our individual presents when there's a huge stack of them. Also, I have a gaming backlog the size of Wyoming at the moment, so I asked for very few of those. So the ones I DID receive will get lots of love! (I know Wyoming is a relatively small state, but imagine if it was filled with GAMES)

Persona 4 being the most anticipated of the bunch, but I'll admit that I have not even beaten P3 FES yet. I promise I won't play P4 until then, though! I'm actually going in to P4 with zero expectations because P3 was SO awesome that I don't think anything can top it ever. But I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I also got a huge Lego spaceship which is AWESOME and I will be putting it together in between messing around with other things. The box says ages 8-14 so I'm a little scared it'll be hard for me handle, but I'll manage somehow.

A bunch of desperately-needed clothes, Tales of Symphonia 2, 007 Quantum of Solace, and a few other nice things rounded out my loot list.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm stuck at WORK for the next three hours >_> (it's only three hours tonight since we split up all the hours among us, but still) ... so I'm going to play DS games I got for last Xmas that have barely been touched :D
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Yeah I pretty much get excited over Christmas like a little kid still, so YAY AWESOME PRESENTS :DDD

First of all, thanks so much to [ profile] charmwitch for her awesome card! No really, I was touched :3

Now, a cut for a loot list! )

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