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The first hot-weather day of the year was today! I feel ENERGIZED compared to the dreary, frozen days of winter. I'd write something here about how I'm looking forward to it being short skirt season, but the last time I did that SOME PEOPLE mistook me for a girl, because apparently that means that I, myself, want to wear them. Well let me tell you something, not only are there red-blooded males here on Livejournal, but I actually do have the legs to pull that kind of thing off, if I wanted to. So there.

Anyway, I've written far too many non-video game related words, so let's kick things off! Numero uno, I'm playing FFXII again.

1-900-GAY-VEST )

Also, playin' Suikoden Thunderthighs. "Taco Bell", my protagonist, talksreallyfastlikethis and enjoys looking hideous if you get too close in battle. But, it's Suikoden, meaning things are SUPPOSED to be unintentionally hilarious. This game has nothing on "it's a piss" and dialing a phone with your feet like previous games.
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Working until midnight then having to get up to work again at 8AM is probably not my most favorite scenario to be put in! This morning in particular I'm dead to the world it seems XD;

But that's okay! At least I get the evening off to partay~

Recently finished up Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and FINALLY Paper Mario, god I downloaded Paper Mario a little after it first came out on the VC so it took me a while xD;;

This means now I have the opportunity to replay Suikoden V, and I've cracked open my Player's Choice copy of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for good measure.

Oh man, Suikoden V is so goooood, I had forgotten. I love the setting and the characters and everything. The whole HAPPY FAMILY beginning is especially nice, although I can't wait to get to the meat of the game and start recruiting stars. I didn't get all 108 last time so I'm keeping my eyes peeled >_> At least you can run SUPERFAST in Newgame+, not to mention the fact that I'm RICH, I TELL YOU, RICH! Yeah that should make things easier xD

Also, Suikoden as a series has the HAWTEST GAME GIRLZ, for serious. Hey even [ profile] krile agrees with me! Obviously any series that has Jeane in it is pretty tough to beat in that category.

So far I like the Gamecube Paper Mario game better than the original... and I have no idea why! Well obviously the brighter colors and easier to read text and all is a plus, but it just seems more polished and... fun? Not that I didn't like the original or anything, although from what I've read online the original is a fan-favorite (not too surprising, that's usually the case). I mean, I would've killed for Paper Mario back in the N64's heyday but by the time it came out I had moved on to bigger and better RPGs~

I also keep forgetting to post my info for Animal Crossing: Wild World :O!

Name: Shawnie
Town: Ryoshima
FC: 1590-3996-1917

It's fun so far, although with these kind of games that continue to "run" even when you turn the game off, I'm always afraid of neglecting it XD; My Nintendogs are skeletons by now, I assure you.
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Yeah so I beat Suikoden V last night. Or, more accurately, early this morning. Anyway, because I didn't get all 108 this time through, it makes me want to pick it right back up again and play through and get the best ending.

Then again, I have a stack of games from my birthday/Christmas that I haven't beaten, some I haven't even TOUCHED :o

Haven't even played yet:

Radiata Stories
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Played but not beaten:

Grandia III
Wild Arms Alter Code: F
Romancing SaGa (but I'm close!)

.. not to mention the copy of Wild Arms 3 we picked up for cheap just because, plus various handheld games like Phoenix Wright which I need to finish off.

And I have no doubt I've forgotten a game or two on the list. Either way it's a tough call on which to play next. What makes it worse is that there are older games I'm beginning to get the urge to play through again, so my plate will be quite full for the next few months at least.

Man, it was so much more manageable when I was younger and I'd get like, 3-4 games a year, at the most. I'd have no trouble beating them all before I got new ones, and I'd replay them over and over and never get tired of them. Ahh, youth.

P.S. Wii is =(
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Yay for switching shifts so a coworker can be with her kids on Easter morning while I get to come in at 8AM after having worked until Midnight the night before?

Well, not yay. But oh well. Obviously I'm a night owl (ORLY?!?!?!) so this is not what I'm used to. The cool part is that I get to leave at 4PM and have the rest of the day to enjoy the nice weather (aka play Suikoden V :o )

I think we're doing all our Easter stuff tomorrow anyway, so no big deal. I require Marshmallow Peeps every 365 days or my body will return to its natural liquid state.

And now some obligatory Suikoden V talk I cut myself so I can feel something.. or something. Isn't that what the emo kids nowadays say? Spoilers. )

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