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Brawl screenshot gallery update! Going through classic and all-star with everyone was made much more bearable with wacky screenshot action.

Although Brawl mania is still going strong, I've actually begun to play other games again! Wild Arms 3 in particular. I ended up doing the super magic technique to get 99 Heal Berries, which should make me set for healing for the rest of the game, I hope! Having such limited healing items in Wild Arms games is stressful xD; I hope Wild Arms 5 is a little better in this regard, whenever I finish 3 I guess I'll find out!

Also picked up Rune Factory again for some reason. Considering I'm still playing a little bit of Animal Crossing: Wild World every day, it seems eerily similar to be doing such repetitive tasks over and over! At least with Rune Factory I can abandon the game for months at a time without my town exploding. Also, I'm almost ready to get married in the game :3

Here's a small list of my backlog of doom, most of which is left over from Christmas presents I never played beyond the first hour or so!

-Heroes of Mana
-FF12: Revenant Wings
-DQM Joker (actually played this one quite a bit, I just need to get back into it, I'm not even stuck anywhere or anything!)
-Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (waaaay behind since the next game is already out, obviously)
-Shining Force EXA (haven't even opened this one yet!)
-Wild Arms 5 (same, haven't opened it, although drool marks are on the box)
-Metroid Prime 3
-Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (currently playing)

... as you can see, most of these are DS games. Between school, Brawl, getting distracted by old games and playing ROMs of them, among other things, I have a lot of catching up to do! I guess it's nice to be able to pick up somewhat "new" games directly from my own shelf and play them rather than having to spend money and go hunting for them, though.

I still want Dragon Quest Swords, dammit. But not until I finish off some of these. At least I'm enjoying all the games I'm playing currently.
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My SD card reader came, so my Smash Brothers Brawl gallery has been created!

Snake makes the best screenshots:

See many more at the link above~

oh god

Mar. 15th, 2008 11:39 am
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Snake's codec taunts in Brawl are the best thing everrr, He says something about every character, including the dual ones like Zelda/Shiek, and even if he's fighting himself!

You can spoiler yourself here, but it's more fun to see them in the game.

I spent like an hour trying them all out last night. Made me want to play a MGS game again.

Also I pretty much knew Ike would end up being my main character I use in Brawl:

Because he's such a good boy, don't you see? This stupid meme has made me crack the fuck up every time he says this line after winning


Mar. 12th, 2008 12:31 pm
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5327-0608-9954 is the friend code you want to enter into your game in order to be destroyed by me online! Or watch as I accidentally kill myself and you with me, or whatever.

Forthcoming, once that SD card reader I ordered arrives, are various wacky screenshots which may or may not include Snake x Yoshi metal bunny ear fetish shots.

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