Okay so the specs of the PSP2 have kind of not really been revealed, it's all a bunch of rumors right now. But supposedly, it's not going to have a UMD drive, or any kind of removable media for its games. So basically, like a PSPGo, only desirable.

Of course, I'm in the "physical copy plz" mindset and probably always will be, so this makes me kind of sad. Won't it be bizarre to have a major gaming platform with zero boxes in stores? Or maybe they'll still sell boxes with download vouchers and manuals in them or something...? Still, this means whatever backwards compatibility the PSP2 has won't include UMD-only PSP games, so I'll be continuing to use my original PSP for a while.

I guess I can't blame a game company for wanting to circumvent the horrible Gamestop situation of used games, meaning zero profit to developers beyond the initial sale. But I wonder how an all-digital console will really fare? You can't borrow or sell games, which are two of the biggest ways to experience games you're not so sure about. Being unable to return or sell a horrible game I might've accidentally bought is a definite minus. And I'll bet parents of young gamers would like the ability to sell the horrible shovelware their kids have gotten tired of, in order to buy them more.

Just to be clear, the UMD format basically does suck ass. Load times are too long and reading from them drains battery power moreso than digital copies. But certainly it could be improved upon, maybe some baby Blu-Rays? See, that would be cute, and I'd get to keep my physical copy. The PSP has had some really nice limited editions and all that, how would it even work for download-only games? WHERE ARE MY FANCY BOXES AND ARTBOOKS

All that being said, if a console had to go all-digital, it makes the most sense for it to be a handheld. I'm still crotchety about it, though. *shakes fist*

On the plus side, its power is apparently going to rival the 360's, which sounds awesome. Plus I'm hoping to finally get PS2 games playable on a portable.
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So yeah, E3, lots of gaming news, etc. Way too many enticing games coming out in the next year or so.

Two things:

1. The PSP Go!(!!!!!!!?) looks... kinda interesting, from a "I wonder how it feels to play one" standpoint. But the idea of a UMD-less PSP isn't really anything new to those of us cool kids with custom firmware. At least this gives everyone the opportunity to play PSP games with MUCH faster loading times than reading it from a UMD.

Still, the idea of getting rid of physical media in exchange for digital downloads is a bit... unsettling to me. It's probably the wave of the future and it does have a lot of nice uses, but I like to have a box and disc/cart and physical instruction manual to keep around. It's the same reason why roms don't feel "real" to me or have the same worth as actual games. It'd also be odd to have entire generations of games piled up in my house somewhere but then they all of a sudden drop off at some point because they stop selling games in boxes.

For a handheld gaming system especially, digital downloads make a lot of sense, but still, I'd like a choice in the matter if possible. I have bought download-only games (Pixeljunk Monsters) and enjoyed them probably about as much as I would have if they were on a disc, because in the end it's the games themselves that matter the most... b... but still! At least this seems to be a handheld-specific thing for now.

UMD, you might be dumb and slow and stuff, but I always thought you were kinda cute.

2. Yeah there are way too many good games that are going to come out. But can anyone else back me up on the fact that the Golden Sun series was just... well, nothing to write home about? Seems there's a sect of GS cultists around and I'm sure there's a ritualized orgy going on about now, but the first game was just ehhh despite being pretty for an early GBA game, so I never played the second.

P.S.: Square-Enix, I love you baby, but you're dumb as fuck for making another MMORPG a numbered Final Fantasy game because it makes no sense to, and I'll likely play it for 2 weeks and throw it away unless it's somehow different from every MMORPG ever. Also, you can't ever "beat" that kind of game so now there's two holes in the series like that... and... well, that's lame, wouldn't you agree?
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I'M SEEING WHAT YOU'RE DOING HERE. But damn, it's fun and cool. So I'm indulging, even if it's a guilty one.


Oh yeah and I got beat up by loli Yuffie or something.

Ughhh I'm not supposed to be up this early, time to finish this semester once and for all~!
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Since school has been out, I've been trying to get out more and have some summer fun, which to me always includes epic gaming sessions along with going out, swimming, sweating, etc.

So anyway, here's a giant post about things, LJ-cut into bite-sized pieces for your convenience.

Games I've been playing lately, including the newest Tales of Phantasia Playstation Ver. translation, Wild Arms 5, and Nightmare of Druaga: FUSHIGINO DUNGEON )

Product review! Star Ocean: Second Evolution Accessory set for PSP )

Phew! Well, now that's out of my system, at least. Looking forward to MGS4 coming out soon, but I'm hoping to polish off Portable Ops before then. Enjoy this summer weather, everyone~
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The hotel is extremely slow this time of year, so by virtue of this I've been able to get the studying and essays for my final week of school done while getting paid for it, yeah, I'm that good 8-)

The essay I have to write for Spanish Literature class is about this story where some domineering mother won't let her five daughters leave the house, so when one of them gets engaged to THE ONLY MAN THEY EVER EVEN GET TO SEE they all fight over him and masturbate to his photo and listen to each other have sex with him. This essay is going to write itself <3;;;

I also was able to fiddle around and finally install custom firmware onto [ profile] krile's PSP Slim. Did I mention it's a shiny pink one? Amount of weird looks I got at work while I was messing with it: 4? 5? The case is also pink, by the way.

Looking forward to having it all over with this semester so I can enjoy the holidays AND MY BIRTHDAY WHICH IS ON FRIDAY THE 21ST JUST FYI NOT TRYING TO REMIND ANYONE OR ANYTHING and presents. No, I'm not going to strikethrough that part, seriously, give me presents, that's what I want.

Oh and I'm kind of sick of snow already this year, and we get more tonight! I'm sorry but the adorable green VW Beetle I get the privilege of driving does not do well in ice aged conditions.
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It's Castlevania time~!

Best. Preorder Bonus. Ever.

Yes, you're looking at Simon Belmont in 8-bit Simon's Quest form walking through "Stage 03" of the original Castlevania, and that is actually Stage 01 depicted there. BUT WHO CARES, THIS IS SO AWESOME.

Apparently there's a couple of different ones you can get, but I ♥ Simon's Quest so this just made my day.

Plus, you know, finally getting Rondo of Blood released outside of Japan and all. Between this, FFT, and the Star Ocean remakes on the horizon, it is a very good time to be a PSP owner ;D

Now, to unlock Symphony of the Night~ *Bloody Tears begins to play in the background*
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Considering that I'm supposed to be getting the re-re-remake of this game in the mail tomorrow, I thought I'd type out some words relating to this game for people to read about. Join me, won't you, into the magical world of this black sheep of the FF series.

Final Fantasy II )
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So yeah thanks to the super special magical Lumines trick, I have haxed my PSP to hell and back so I can now play NES/SNES/Genesis/etc games on it, not to mention .isos of PSP and PS1 games themselves.

Terranigma on the go! Super Mario 3 in the bathtub! Shining Force in the dentist's chair! Xenogears at McDonald's!

Oh, and getting to play Japanese games without having to import them and pay out the ass? Priceless. As in literally lacking in price.

Actually, I'm not all that big on pirating games simply because if I even remotely like a game, I like to have the box/manual/a hard copy of the game itself. However, import games tend to be very expensive and considering I can't fully enjoy them until I have a better understanding of Japanese, those are usually the exceptions.

However, I'm currently downloading a bunch of PSP games just to try them out, and if any of them strike my fancy I'll definitely be purchasing them for a legit copy. I like to support the industry, even if it's a druggie/dealer kind of relationship sometimes XD

Anyway, my love for portable gaming knows no bounds, so getting to play all these classics on the go, or just snuggled up on the couch, is like heaven to me :3

So, if anyone out there is on the fence about getting a PSP, right now the getting is pretty good, considering the price drop of the console itself and the fact that even I was able to downgrade and install custom stuff easily. Just try not to pay outrageous prices for Lumines, a used game shop or even your local EB/Gamestop is probably your best bet. Amazon and eBay are way too expensive due to the hype over the discovered exploit in the game.

I think the saddest part is that I actually haven't even played this copy of Lumines I bought yet, I just got it for the downgradin'. I hear it's pretty good though.

In other news, I'm having a blast with Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition, and I'm eagerly awaiting Connecticon coming up next weekend with both excitement and fear. I mean, this IS an anime convention we're talking about here, but it's always an amusing weekend at the very least.

Happy 20th

Jun. 30th, 2007 12:18 pm
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Wait wait wait Final Fantasy Tactics remake with new stuff added for PSP and an FFTA sequel?

It's like Square-Enix is trying to fulfill my every gaming fantasy in portable formats lately. Luckily I'm asking for a PSP for Christmas already :3


Like I haven't played this game 18 times through already or anything (I think I actually have...)

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