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Paul Eiding (voice actor for Colonel Campbell) is really skilled at voice acting in-game tutorials. I don't think anyone can quite nail the lines involving "left analog stick" like he does.

He gave himself away because I was playing Dark Cloud 2 last night and Cedric was a little too patient explaining how to do things to me... and sure enough, he's voiced by Campbell. When he's explaining things, I seem to really pay attention!
slimequest: (Slime Slash???) has Dragon Quest Swords for Wii on sale now, so I finally picked it up. I was planning on waiting until I had no other games to play, but that never quite works out... plus, you know, it's on sale.

Anyway, I pretty much suck at it so far, but it's really fun. Holding up your Wiimote all BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL-ish to do your Mighty Blow is strangely therapeutic. Also, Fleurette is hot and French. That's really all you need to know about this game, except that the first-person perspective makes some parts of the game seem like rollercoasters/thrill rides, which is of course, awesome.

Besides furious Wiimote slashings, I've been slowly working through Metal Gear Solid 3 again. I'm going for the Kerotan/Tsuchinoko prizes and I got most of the other ones my first playthrough, except The End's camo. I'm just playing it through on normal again for fun, getting to use the Patriot from the start is a real treat. I'd forgotten just how amusing the radio convos in this game are, it's enough to make me not miss Otacon being around, which is a huge feat unto itself.

I've also been fumbling through MGS: VR Missions as I have not really gotten the chance to yet. Honestly, just have the Theme of Tara playing in the background and I can do anything over and over again. IMPRESSIVE, SNAKE.
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It's pretty fun. Basically you become one of those hundreds of random soldiers that Snake snaps the neck of and immediately forgets about, and you fight against other random soldiers to the background music of various Metal Gear games.

You can customize your appearance, face, voice, clothing, etc. Unfortunately you can only be a male character, and unfortunately for all you fans of guys out there, they're all pretty ugly. You can cover them up enough to where you can't tell, though. Still, I'd like to be able to be some hot girl or a bishy boy if I so desired, that's probably my major gripe with the game.

Anyway, then you get to assign various skills like being better with sniper rifles or setting up traps faster to your character. You can equip/unequip these at your leisure, so you can do a total 180 with what your character specializes in if you change your mind. The skills level up as you use them, which makes them improve. My specialty is sniper rifles, CQC, and girly mags, if you're wondering.

The rounds consist of various rules, such as team vs team, deathmatch, capture the flag (actually, it's capture the GA-KO and Kerotan), etc. The best one is Sneaking, when one lucky individual gets to be Old Snake equipped with OctoCamo, and he has to steal a certain number of dog tags from players to win. Unfortunately this means that everyone else is supposed to either kill the other team or Snake, and going after and killing Snake is just sad and I don't want to do it, dammit. I kill the other team instead ;D

I had my first encounter with someone telling me "u suck" the other night while I was playing :D It was... so awesome. See, I don't play online games like... ever, so this was all so new to me. He told several other people they sucked too, but I still felt special.

Oh yeah, [ profile] krile was listening to boyband CDs while watching all of this. Did I just blow your mind?

In the end this probably isn't the kind of game I'd bother with if it was a separate thing, but because it's included with MGS4 it's a fun distraction. Plus I think if you try to connect but have some kind of issues sprite!Otacon shows up to guide you through troubleshooting or something. I should really yank out my wireless router and try that.
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So, after finishing Metal Gear Solid 4, it only took me about... half a day before I caved in and started playing the rest of the series again. Although not the most important part of video games by far (it's what's inside that counts!), I'm sure going to miss those PS3 graphics. I'm actually severely tempted to replay MGS4, but I want to wait to see what other downloadable content comes out for it, plus I'm hoping the big PS3 firmware update adds in the ability to use custom tracks on Snake's iPod.

Because Snake has to be able to sneak around to the Lucky Star theme. He HAS to!

Anyway, considering I managed to finish off both Portable Ops and my right-before-Vulcan-Raven-save in MGS:TTS (Otacon ending path) before MGS4 came out, MGS2 is the next obvious choice. GOOD TIMES, MAN~ Raiden is pure sugar-coated amusement... or something.

I've wanted to replay MGS3 for a while now, too, but I'm kind of dreading it. I put off replaying games that make me cry, dammit. This is why I've only played Phantom Brave once, too.

I also began to (finally) play Shining Force EXA, which has been sitting patiently in its wrapper since Xmas. It's really hard to go from a MGS-style storyline to TEEHEE RPG but the game is amusing so far, so I'm content.

Actually, now that I think about it, I should really finish Metal Gear 1 and 2. The Theme of Tara has been stuck in my head for weeks now anyway. DO... DO... DO... DADDY! (just ignore that)
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Since school has been out, I've been trying to get out more and have some summer fun, which to me always includes epic gaming sessions along with going out, swimming, sweating, etc.

So anyway, here's a giant post about things, LJ-cut into bite-sized pieces for your convenience.

Games I've been playing lately, including the newest Tales of Phantasia Playstation Ver. translation, Wild Arms 5, and Nightmare of Druaga: FUSHIGINO DUNGEON )

Product review! Star Ocean: Second Evolution Accessory set for PSP )

Phew! Well, now that's out of my system, at least. Looking forward to MGS4 coming out soon, but I'm hoping to polish off Portable Ops before then. Enjoy this summer weather, everyone~

oh god

Mar. 15th, 2008 11:39 am
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Snake's codec taunts in Brawl are the best thing everrr, He says something about every character, including the dual ones like Zelda/Shiek, and even if he's fighting himself!

You can spoiler yourself here, but it's more fun to see them in the game.

I spent like an hour trying them all out last night. Made me want to play a MGS game again.

Also I pretty much knew Ike would end up being my main character I use in Brawl:

Because he's such a good boy, don't you see? This stupid meme has made me crack the fuck up every time he says this line after winning
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This picture makes me lol, feel happy and feel sad at the same time =(

Also I'm sorry to all the scientists I accidentally killed while trying to interrogate them. I really suck at pressing L3 without moving the analog stick I guess xD;
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Okay this whole "mindfuck" part of Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best thing ever. (Okay, Psycho Mantis is still slightly superior just because of Suikoden and Castlevania references) COLONEL IS CRAZY AND TELLS YOU TO TURN OFF THE GAME!!!11 And the "fission mailed" thing.. I thought I really did get a game over xD;

If I was playing this late at night I'd be freaking out. Hell, I'm still kind of wondering if I should call someone and ask if everything is normal ;_;

EDIT'd to reword things because I made it sound like I did turn off the console, which I did not. Of course that would have been hilarious, but still.
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I'm going to be in New York next week. Like, the city. I've never been there. Naturally I'm planning to visit the Nintendo Store while I'm there... and I guess that Statue of Whatever and the Museum of Natural.. somethings.

Decided to pick up Tales of Phantasia for GBA for the trip. They really butchered the translation in places and took out fun stuff like the opening theme, renaming function and sound test. I'm really hoping they bring out the new and improved PSP version out here, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the GBA version simply for the fact that it's ToP, and portable at that.

Oh and I beat Metal Gear Solid. Meryl ending of course, but immediately [ profile] krile made me promise to get the Otacon ending on the Gamecube version. Because, you know, love can bloom on the battlefield............ in the butt.

(Now I'm waiting for MGS2 to come in the mail, I actually found MGS3 at the mall so I'm in the awkward situation of being tempted to play them out of order. It might not even really matter if I do or not, but oh well~)
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So I'm finally getting into Metal Gear Solid. I'm only.. what, 8 years behind the times? Hey, I played the original Metal Gear back in the day. UH OH THE TRUCK HAVE STARTED TO MOVE and all that.

Besides, Xenogears came out in 1998. I'm justified in missing out.

Anyway, what kind of sucks is that I managed to get a pretty good copy of the Greatest Hits version of MGS off eBay... and then realized they made an "enhanced remake" for the Gamecube in '03. This is what I get for not researching. Oh well, I kind of want to play both versions now that I've read up on it. I mean, you can shoot Mario in the Gamecube version! ♥

The reason I'm interested in the series now kind of came about because Snake is going to be in SSBB and I kind of always wanted to play it anyway, this was just a reason to do so. It's not like shady internet characters like [ profile] firefly99 have put peer pressure on me or anything, honest.

That and, if I play yet another RPG right away my brain will explode. Even favorite genres need a little rest now and then.

I haven't gotten to play much of it so far as it only came in the mail yesterday. I basically saved it at the first opportunity and then got myself killed immediately for fun. But Snake is like a pimp and hitting on all the ladiez~

I also keep forgetting to mention my awesome new Macbook which I had to get to replace my old worn out laptop which was practically on its deathbed from the moment I got it. It's nice to have a laptop that is actually dependable. I installed Windows on it just to see how it worked, I doubt I will really use it for anything though.

Oh and I survived the rest of Connecticon but [ profile] krile already posted about it and I don't really have anything to add, so let's just say it was fun and leave it at that~

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