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WHERE THE HELL ARE MY SUPER FIGHTING ROBOTS? First we don't get flying cars, now this. I guess Dr. Light technically has a few hours to get his shit together, but...

Anyway, Happy New Year! Let's go into TWENTYTEN and accomplish all our awesome dreams together, in style.

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So what does Capcom do in order to revive interest in the Mega Man franchise, whose track record has been "Step 1, create new series. Step 2, milk the series to death with multiple games which are essentially the same game but with slightly different robot masters until everyone in their right mind has lost interest, Step 3, repeat"? I'll tell you. They make the ninth game in the original series which hasn't had a sequel in years, and they do it all in 8-bit graphics which are essentially rehashed from a game that came out in 1987.

And it works. Holy shit, does it ever work. It is literally the most perfect thing they could have done.

Seeing the title screen with the rockin' MIDI music playing and a copyright date of 2008 is mind blowing, and that's before you've even played any of the game. This game is freaking hard. You WILL die, a lot. A LOT. Because there is no way you can see some of the stuff coming. This is trial and error, or what I like to call "every NES game".

The game will beat you up, treat you like shit, do it again, and you'll be begging for more the entire time. It's obvious there were some people at Capcom who "got it", I mean, just take a look at the purposefully awful "box art" for the game:

So authentic it hurts.

It's ridiculous how simple it was for them to make it fun to take on EIGHT ROBOT MASTERS all over again, but here I am having a blast. Also, we missed you, Rush <3
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The 3rd of this month marks six years that [ profile] krile and I have known each other.

Of course we decided to celebrate a little, and get each other gifts!

What did we give each other, you ask? I thought everyone knew that the 6th anniversary was the Megaman Anniversary!

Yes, we bought copies of Megaman Star Force for each other. I got Dragon version (because, you know, RAAR DRAGINS) and she got Pegasus (pretty wings!!1)

Nobody likes the Leo version, because... I mean, just think about it. Doesn't it automatically sound like the lamest version?

But anyway, yes, we decided on a whim to do this for who knows what reason. We kept talking about how there's ANOTHER Megaman series coming out? Forget THAT. And yet... here we are. We're such whores for Megaman games. Perhaps once we get a chance to play it more I'll post some wackyness about it.

It might sound like the most anti-romantic thing ever, but hey... we play the game together and help each other out! I'm reminded of how lucky I am because I was talking to some guy at school and he was complaining about how his girlfriend made fun of him for playing video games and has no interest in them, and yet mine encourages it and plays along with me! I guess it's easy to forget that there are girls like that when you happen to hang around a lot of gamer girls.

Speaking of which, school started for me finally on the 4th. I'm sooo rusty in my Japanese verbs T_T Most of what I learned and studied over the summer was vocab, so... but at least my Spanish is in top form 8-) Having no A/C in the modern languages building (oh ALL my classes happen to be there? Yay!) doesn't help matters, either. I'll start babbling in languages I don't even know if my brain melts~

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