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30 Days of Video Games Day Five: A game that really reminds you of someone

And the leading contender for easiest answer in this meme is... )
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I was bored waiting for my new HDTV to arrive earlier today (more on that soon), so I snapped some pictures of things around the house.

And yes it's all gaming stuff. What, do you want pictures of my nightstand or toothbrush or underwear drawer or something? )

And that's about it for now. Considering my phone has a decent camera I should really snap some more photos. [ profile] krile's been sick for the past couple days so she won't let me take any of her ;-;
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Welcome, random Russian LJ people who probably friended me just to inflate their friends count! At least the one guy seems to have some pretty good random porn pics posted on his LJ. They're not of him (which is part of the reason why they are good).

Now that introductions are out of the way... actually, I have nothing to post about. Have some Lunar: SSH screenshots.

Nall: Spicing up RPG dialog since the 90s.

EDIT: I'm now up to three random Russians. Now I feel like collecting more, but they should have the decency to post quality porn-ish pics at least. It's a fair trade.
Yeah I'm still having way too much fun with Blue Dragon. It's basically taking me back to a bizarre non-existant time period in which I played 3D SNES RPGs on my PS1 in HD, with full Japanese voice acting, in middle school. No, I don't have a better way to explain it.

Actually, this game (for some reason) has a French VA option, which I think I will try out my 2nd time through. It's going to either be hilarious, or... actually, that's the only possible outcome.

Played the Lunar PSP demo, I've now preordered the limited edition because it feels wrong to NOT have the limited edition of a Lunar game, you know? Yuri Lowenthal is Alex, which is kind of not a surprise to me anymore when this happens, but I'm already missing the original cast ;_; Nall doesn't even sound all... Nall-ish anymore! It's wierd because it's obvious they're REALLY trying to emulate the PS1 version, which makes me just want to play that over again... but then, this game is all shiny. I mean, the sprites match the character designs???? HERE'S MY MONEY.

Also tried out the MGS: Peace Walker demo finally. I'm really going to have far too much fun kidnapping soldiers and making them fly away. I've already captured far too many for my own good, and this is just the demo. It's very tempting to select the "NAKED" equipment option every time, too. Between this demo and the Lunar one, I'm thinking "demos that actually give you something in the real game if you play them" is the sexy new gaming trend! Which is good because now I look back on the 25 times I played through the FF8 demo and wonder how much stuff I could've accumulated.

ALSO HI [ profile] ledgem I got tired of [ profile] krile talking about you all the time and decided to cut out the middlewoman.

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