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I've been both lazy, busy with other things, and slacking off lately, and I won't even mention LJ's lack of working lately (oops I just did). But anyway~

I'm probably going to post the ROM of Live A Live over at Save Point tomorrow, along with reasons why you should totally play it. Like, for example, cowboy and cavemen chapters. And giant robot parodies. And so much more.

On the personal gaming front, I'm actually playing a Western game (!!!). Literally and figuratively. Namely, Fallout: New Vegas. It sort of randomly got sent to me from Goozex and I had forgotten I even put it on my requests, but hey... (essentially) free game.

Not gonna lie, the character designs and creation are ugly as hell, for the most part. Regardless, the whole "wandering around aimlessly in the desert" is something I've actually done in real life, so I'm definitely digging that aspect. The nonlinearity and general ability to fuck around randomly is very refreshing.

I'm also playing as a lady named "Applejack", with a cowboy hat and a penchant for bartering. That might just be the actual reason I'm playing.

In other news, I should really finish up my Dragon Quest primer. While it's still in the 25th anniversary year, preferably. I hate the whole "gathering up multimedia" part, oddly enough. The writing's easy.
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So, maybe the word's gotten out by now, but yeah, I graduated from college this week. Major of Spanish with a minor in Japanese. Please don't ask me what I'm going to do with my degree, because everyone always asks me and I still don't have any idea. Hopefully something in the translation business, and if that puts me anywhere near the videogame industry I suppose I'll be happy. I'm probably just going to run away from reality for a bit longer and go to graduate school anyway.

Now that I'm out of school for the time being, that gives me a lot more free time to do... stuff. Mostly catching up with random chores and other things, but relaxation as well. One of my goals is to cut down my backlog of games to something a bit less... daunting? I've started up my own Backloggery page to keep track of all the games that Krile's doesn't. Go ahead and add me if you want, but be warned that mine is going to consist of 99% obscure SNES roms, with a dash of modern games that I'm personally playing that Krile might not be (my own versions of Pokémon, stuff like that).

Hopefully I can at least clear away a few games before DQIX comes out in July. That and Deathsmiles are going to be my new summer games, but if I'm a good boy and manage to finish a bunch of my older ones I'll reward myself with some more, muahaha.

I'll be having more time to update now, so hopefully I can write up some geeky insightful words about some of the games I've been playing, plus I think I've tracked down some Mystic Ark music remixes which I should upload once I've tried them out. But anyway, if I'm slacking on LJ, you can always find me on Twitter. Topics of interest include games, bad Syfy movies, tunas in between breasts, and... YOU! /oldRPGending
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Metal Gear Solid 2: Okay, I put it on hard for the SHAVER of all things and now Raiden's having heavy flow days, if you catch my drift. I think for whatever reason the MGS3/PO/MGS4 controls suit me better or something. Plus, I didn't have the M9 at first and I CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE M9 so I was in pretty bad shape. However, now things are going a bit better as I disarm Fatman's sweet-smelling explosives.

Snake: Here's a gun and some smokes, you pansy.
Raiden: Here's an electric shaver, you hobo.

The women's bathroom was SET. TO. BLOW. :D

Also a side order of VR missions and Snake Tales to remind me of why I need to get better at this game.

Shining Force EXA: So does it make me gay or weird or what that I only decided to start using Cyrille because she got pretty outfits? Also I had to view that really awkward "chased by a boar" sequence three times because I kept trying to be badass and defeat DO NOT BREAK THIS ROCK FOR THE LOVE OF CRAP enemies.

I really, really will go fucking crazy if I have to hear the shopkeeper's voice acting WHICH GOES ON FOR A FULL 30 SECONDS OR SOMETHING EVERY TIME YOU TALK TO HIM again. And this is made worse by the fact that he has random items for sale, so you'd naturally talk to him repeatedly to see what else he'll sell you. I just wanted an elegant dress to wear and now I'm in an institution, thanks.

This game is crack fun, though.

Final Fantasy X-2: Due to going crazy from the above games I popped this into my PS3 and played for four hours last night. Started a new game because I missed pretty outfits (this seems to be a recurring thing...) and didn't remember what was going on from last time.

I forgot about the "SNAKE! SNAKE? SNAAAAAKE" line, I laughed a little too much.

I dunno, I'm having a guilty amount of fun playing it, kind of like the feeling you'd get if you played at the amusement park that they bulldozed your grandparent's graves to build. But then you remember that your grandpa was a dick and go on the tilt o' whirl for the third time.

I should come up with a drinking game that revolves around every time Paine tries to work "hurt" into her dialog, people would be drunk and happy that way.

I've also been playing Pixeljunk Monsters which is a PS3 downloadable game thingie where you have to build towers to defend your little kawaii town from monsters and it's all strategy-y and fun and has a cool ambient-style soundtrack. It is good if you like strategy games and tower defense stuff and you have a PS3. So... I'll just enjoy this by myself, then.

Now, to go play more video games.
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There are far too many good games coming out this summer for me to keep up with. It doesn't help that I keep discovering awesome older PS1 games that I never played and then snuggling up with my PSP to experience them.

Right now I'm juggling:

Paper Mario (Virtual Console) - My first N64 VC purchase! I always wanted to go back and play this game but eventually the cart itself became too expensive for its own good. It's very Super Mario RPG, which is of course a good thing.

I'm in the Dry Dry (Dry?) Desert. It's fun and upbeat so far, so it's a nice easygoing gaming experience.

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition (PSP) - Take a classic which has already been improved and tweaked several times before, and add a nice coat of widescreen paint and another dungeon. Yes, it's essentially a pointless remake, but it's so sexy that it's worth it. Plus I'm a sucker for this game, if it was released for Speak 'n Spell I'd buy it yet again.

After doing the bonus dungeons and the bonus BONUS dungeon, I just have to fill out a bit of the bestiary and I'm done. Then I have to play through the game again to unlock everything :D

GrimGrimoire (PS2) - A *gasp* CONSOLE RTS GAME?!?!?!?!?! Yeah. But it works. Plus it's essentially like playing Odin Sphere but with different gameplay. And you get cats who can put enemies to sleep and dragons who step on enemies, but they can be put to sleep by kitties. A vicious cycle.

I'm on day three, #2. My GG crew knows what this means~

Okami (PS2) - OH GOD WILL I JUST SIT DOWN AND FINISH THIS GAME ALREADY~ Yeah I got this on my birthday (December) and I still haven't beaten it. It's really, really good, but I've been slacking. Ammy No-Bath demands justice~

I'm in Sinnoh the great icy north area now. I think I've done most of the sidequests up until this point which might explain why I'm taking so long.

Odin Sphere (PS2) - Yeah it's pretty and it's pretty cool. [ profile] krile kind of stole it and has been playing it herself so I've had this on the back burner for the time being.

I'm in Cornelius' chapters now, aka "Play as some Bunny guy and get it over with so you can be the cooler characters later"

Aaaand coming out soon/already out which I want to get:

Persona 3 (PS2), Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (PSP), Riviera: The Promised Land (PSP), Final Fantasy II (PSP)

I'm not even including some of the other games I'm not playing but need to beat/haven't even played yet like Wild Arms Alter Code: F, Wild Arms 3, Dark Cloud 2, that big box of Growlanser games that Working Designs brought out.... oh god I'm never going to catch up am I ;_;

Things were so much easier when I had nothing else to play but Final Fantasy VI so I played it over and over again and maxed out everyone's levels and magic and stuff.
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Ganked from [ profile] krile and [ profile] raikochan and probably a bunch of others.

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