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So, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is disturbingly close to stuff I would've come up with if the concept of fanfics existed when I was twelve. Because I would've totally made up the son of Cecil and Rosa who has ADVENTURES and re-visiting all the old areas from the original game BUT THEY'RE HARDER AND HAVE NEW STUFF IN THEM, and gratuitous cameos from the old cast. I would go into more detail but I don't want to spoil anything, despite the fact that everything that has happened so far probably crossed my mind at some point in what could happen in "Final Fantasy III".

In other words, it's perfect.

Maybe this is what some people felt when they watched Advent Children or played FFX-2... okay so probably doubtful on that last one.
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So yeah, E3, lots of gaming news, etc. Way too many enticing games coming out in the next year or so.

Two things:

1. The PSP Go!(!!!!!!!?) looks... kinda interesting, from a "I wonder how it feels to play one" standpoint. But the idea of a UMD-less PSP isn't really anything new to those of us cool kids with custom firmware. At least this gives everyone the opportunity to play PSP games with MUCH faster loading times than reading it from a UMD.

Still, the idea of getting rid of physical media in exchange for digital downloads is a bit... unsettling to me. It's probably the wave of the future and it does have a lot of nice uses, but I like to have a box and disc/cart and physical instruction manual to keep around. It's the same reason why roms don't feel "real" to me or have the same worth as actual games. It'd also be odd to have entire generations of games piled up in my house somewhere but then they all of a sudden drop off at some point because they stop selling games in boxes.

For a handheld gaming system especially, digital downloads make a lot of sense, but still, I'd like a choice in the matter if possible. I have bought download-only games (Pixeljunk Monsters) and enjoyed them probably about as much as I would have if they were on a disc, because in the end it's the games themselves that matter the most... b... but still! At least this seems to be a handheld-specific thing for now.

UMD, you might be dumb and slow and stuff, but I always thought you were kinda cute.

2. Yeah there are way too many good games that are going to come out. But can anyone else back me up on the fact that the Golden Sun series was just... well, nothing to write home about? Seems there's a sect of GS cultists around and I'm sure there's a ritualized orgy going on about now, but the first game was just ehhh despite being pretty for an early GBA game, so I never played the second.

P.S.: Square-Enix, I love you baby, but you're dumb as fuck for making another MMORPG a numbered Final Fantasy game because it makes no sense to, and I'll likely play it for 2 weeks and throw it away unless it's somehow different from every MMORPG ever. Also, you can't ever "beat" that kind of game so now there's two holes in the series like that... and... well, that's lame, wouldn't you agree?
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FOUR DAYS UNTIL DRAGON QUEST IV! Try saying it four times fast. All my DQ peeps better blog their playthroughs! Although, I'm usually too lazy to do it myself. But we can all at least make random entries about the game and be all happy about it coming out here. Official site with all kinds of shiny pictures and stuff, plus bonus comics! Time to get all excited!

To add even more of the number 4 to all this, I'm finishing up FFIV DS as we speak. Mmm, delicious game. I am thoroughly amused that Fusoya is somehow even flatter when he dies in battle in this version.

Maybe I'll try and get [ profile] krile to play DQ4 with me. It's always fun to play a game along with others and show off your progress and rant and things like that. Of course, Yggdra Union PSP comes out the next day, and she's making me play that. I guess this would make it even?
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THIS is what re-released games should be like, dammit. I'm doing nostalgia backflips with my eyes glued to the screen as my childhood heroes look awesome while they do awesome things.

I finally got my own copy, by the way, which explains why I'm a couple of weeks off on this. [ profile] krile simply would not share, and now I fully understand why... because, MMM MMM GOOD <3

So... anyway, carry on. I'll just be here having the best time of my (gaming) life if you need me.

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