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I was bored waiting for my new HDTV to arrive earlier today (more on that soon), so I snapped some pictures of things around the house.

And yes it's all gaming stuff. What, do you want pictures of my nightstand or toothbrush or underwear drawer or something? )

And that's about it for now. Considering my phone has a decent camera I should really snap some more photos. [ profile] krile's been sick for the past couple days so she won't let me take any of her ;-;
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I've started a Japanese blog here, to keep up my practicing now that I'm out of school. I guess you guys can comment if you can talk the talk, but my Japanese teacher may end up reading it occasionally, so don't be QUITE as promiscuously wacky as you usually are. Save that for this journal <3

Of course, I'd welcome any corrections and stuff like that, it's the whole point. I'd consider doing a Spanish one too, but I probably have enough people around to practice that with already!

In less productive news, my DS Lite which mysteriously half-died earlier this year has now risen to life again inexplicably. I'm not really complaining, but it's just kind of weird. I'm still going to use my DSi for almost everything else, but now I can finally get back into Knights in the Nightmare, since I want to recruit Pamela using the GBA connectivity bonus.

P.S. Snow, you were such a pussy yesterday. 5 inches!? I think I know the kind of disappointment only a woman could understand now.

P.P.S. I played Parasite Eve randomly yesterday/today. I know it's impractical but dammit Aya get back in that dress and heels for the rest of the game.
So, in the ongoing saga (this is a pun which you will get in a minute) of THE CONSOLE HOLOCAUST OF 2009, my DSi, which had to be bought because my DS Lite's top screen stopped working, decided to develop a nasty red pimple on its bottom screen. Basically, a "stuck pixel" which could theoretically have cleared up on its own anywhere between 1 minute and 100000000 years after developing.

So yeah, I called Nintendo. Luckily it's still under warranty so it gets fixed for free, although I have to be without it for a couple weeks. That's okay, there's backlogs abound on my other portables.

BUT THEN! THIS DAMN THING HAD TO COME INTO EXISTENCE. It's the SaGa series (see, pun) 20th anniversary limited edition DSi which is coming out alongside the DS remake of SaGa 2 in September.

I mean, I love my blue DSi, but that thing is SWANK AS HELL. Plus it comes with the Japanese version of SaGa 2 which would be fun to play until it comes out here in English.

Therefore... I have to figure out what to do with my going-to-be-newly-fixed DSi, if I'm going to take the plunge with a new one.

Uh, anybody want a really good-condition DSi? For money or something, of course.
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So this is the third day in a row that the hotel I work at has been without power. It's pretty awesome. While the rest of the hotel sits in eternal darkness I get to post on LJ about them 8-)

We've got a generator running for the office at least, which explains how I'm able to post this. It's still kind of dumbfounding how people can walk into a barely-lit lobby and be suddenly surprised that there's no electricity when I tell them, though. We're not having a rave, here, these glowsticks are to light things up.

Surprisingly most people were chill about it the first day, but by now most people have checked out. Naturally, many people ask if there's any kind of compensation we'll give them for this "horrendous ordeal", but it's not our fault, you know? You chose to stay here, so either check out or put up. Go yell at the power company or something.

It's actually kind of fun after a while, working sans-power. 99% of my job now is to tell people to go away (or make the situation sound so bad that nobody would ever possibly want to stay here during it), and the rest is me playing DS in the dark. Reminds me of our awesome family vacations in the middle of nowhere in Mexico when I was growing up. I've played SNES hundreds of miles out in the wilderness using a generator, and of course nothing beats playing Gameboy in the "outback". Until it gets dark and you have to use a flashlight... well, you used to have to do that, anyway. One good thing I can say about the old brick, though, is that it was nice to be able to switch out batteries at the first sign of them dying and jump right back into things.

Anyway, I'll be here staring at glowsticks and contemplating what they might taste like if you need me.
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I keep accidentally taking pictures of myself. Let me tell you, the Myspace angle might be flattering, but the DSi "I just got out of bed and I want to play games" angle is NOT. But, actually, despite the fact that I "had" to upgrade, it's pretty cool. Nothing to toss your DS Lite out of the window for yet, though.

Anyway, some unfinished business:

Icon meme, again )
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... looks exactly like the SNES version. I guess some people are happy about this, and I've got to agree that there's nothing wrong with the original's graphics or anything like that, but it just seems so lazy, you know? Basically, instead of a Virtual Console release which would be the same price as other SNES games, we get a $30 or so direct-from-SNES-to-DS port with just a few little things added.

I really would've loved to have seen a makeover like FF4DS or something, really using the power of the DS instead of what could've easily been a GBA port. At least give us some high-res sprites or something. I'm really surprised to see the "oh my god Dragonball Z art style rage" cropping up as a reason why people want the sprites to be kept as-is. You'd think with the ever-increasing popularity of Dragon Quest as well as stuff like Blue Dragon, people would find that Toriyama can crank out some good designs when he feels like it. I guess no one has quite recovered from DBZ, or something. Still, if you're going to bash him for the "all his characters look the same" reason, I'm going to point you in the direction of just about... every character designer ever. Nomura springs to mind, and I can't tell who the hell is who with Amano anyway.

I dunno, it just seems so lazy and a wasted opportunity. I really hope that anyone who has never played this game gets a chance to now, so it's a good thing that it exists, but it's kind of a hard sell for me. I beat the original like, what, 16 times? And the Playstation port once. I might get this eventually whenever I feel like replaying CT just to be able to have it portable and non-save-erasey, but it's not a pre-order kind of a deal. Unless there's some awesome preorder bonus. Dammit, you'd better not do that to me.
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The ESRB has confirmed an E 10+ rating for Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the DS! Meaning... DQ4 DS is coming out here!

This along with the announcement of FFIV DS coming out here this summer pretty much makes me gleefully happy :D~
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Dragon Quests IV, V, and VI planned for DS remakes

Here's hoping for a release outside of Japan :D Unlike most other shameless remakes, these are long overdue to be re-released (or released at all) over here. I knew there was some reason I kept putting off playing DQs V and VI.


May. 9th, 2007 02:05 pm
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So I just totally nailed my Japanese Oral Final (the teacher was even like holy shit you rule), and as if it were a reward for me... FINAL FANTASY IV REMAKE FOR DS CONFIRMED WITH SCREENSHOTS (here)

Dark Knight Cecil will rape you in 3D!

sadly I just recently got done with all those Lunar Trials and stuff and this is yet another FF remake but who cares?

Now all I have left are the much less stressful written finals and I'm done for the semester!


Dec. 12th, 2006 05:20 pm
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Hey Dragon Quest IX is coming out for the DS and that sounds pretty awesome, especially now that Final Fantasy III has proven how capable the DS is of being a great RPG console. And Wi-Fi multiplayer could be neat.

Plus, thank gawd it's not going to cost me 599 U.S. dollars to play it!

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