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30 Days of Video Games Day Three: A game that makes you really happy

This is a tough one (explaining why it's taken me this long to get to part three...) because "happy" can mean so many different things. The game that I chose made me happy simply due to the fact that it was released at all, plus it made me happy while I was playing it, and the ending was a happy one as well:

I keep using the Japanese boxart, I can't help it )
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Since I need an excuse to post more, I figured I'd give this thing a shot. I probably won't post every day for 30 days, because my busy video game playing schedule might interfere with my "posting about playing video games" schedule.

30 Days of Video Games Day One: Your current favorite game

I guess this should've been obvious...?

Anyway, DQIX is awesome. It's basically DQIII all over again, but with fully customizable characters and a deeper skill and battle system. It's got a story that's interesting enough without a dramatic cutscene every 5 minutes which explains that all your characters lived in the same orphanage until they went back in time and became their own grandfathers WHO WEREN'T REALLY THEIR GRANDFATHERS BUT THEIR GRANDFATHER'S NOBODIES who in a past life once served the last boss who is actually the main character's dog.

There are innovations like multiplayer co-op (you can actually play through the entire game with another person if you wanted to), an improved alchemy system, and a well-done job system that makes each job unique while allowing skills to be passed from one to another. There's also a wi-fi aspect with DQVC, which allows you to receive new quests and buy exclusive items.

Speaking of the quests, they're an interesting, time-consuming (yet usually fun) new aspect of DQIX. Basically, it gives you more to do in the game, including bizarre battle requests and your standard fetch quests. The rewards are usually worth it, too. Between all the content in the game itself plus downloadable quests and grottos, the game has a HUGE amount of post-game play. I'm currently hovering around 150 hours myself, and I've yet to do it all.

There's a lot of fanservice from other DQ games as well. Via DQVC, you can get "special guests" from other DQ games to visit the game's main hangout spot. From there, you can talk to them and possibly snag copies of their equipment and clothing to cosplay in. You can also fight "legacy bosses", which basically includes all the previous DQ game's last bosses, and they drop other nostalgic equipment to use.

All in all, it's a really great addition to the DQ series that retains all the traditional fun of DQ while adding in a lot of new things. I'm usually content to shelve a DQ game for a while once I beat the main game and whatever small amount of post-game content there is (though I always come crawling back eventually), but I just can't put DQIX down for long. The fact that it's on a portable system actually makes it more addicting since you can take it everywhere, and play in short bursts if your schedule doesn't allow for marathon sessions.

So, yeah, it's my current obsession. And being a DQ game puts it in an automatic "favorite" spot in my heart <3
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Here's pics of the cool loot [ profile] krile and I snagged from the two DQIX events we went to!

Thou has found the swag )

All in all, some really neat stuff they were giving away. Seems like they're getting serious about DQ! (finally...)
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Here's info about the upcoming Dragon Quest IX download event at Gamestops on the 31st. You'll need to have progressed to a certain point to be able to participate... it's a little further gameplay-wise than unlocking the Pokedex in a PKMN game, let's say, but not too much further. Hour-and-a-half to two hours, tops.

But anyway, if you're slacking with getting/playing the game, maybe this is a good excuse. I'm not sure how exclusive or awesome this map will be, but it seems like they're putting forth a decent effort here.

At least this will be slightly less embarrassing than going to all those Pokemon events. Actually, I'm curious to see who shows up for this event. Hopefully, a lot of awesome DQ fans! (but I'm being redundant, here)

... the game is still awesome, by the way.
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Attention citizens of North America, Dragon Quest IX is now available for purchase at your local video game retailer. Please proceed in an orderly fashion to the counter with one, if not more, copies in hand.

By the way, here's one of the cool things I picked up at our local anime convention this past weekend:

Little pixelly magnets that come with their own backgrounds. They will all find their way to my fridge in due time, I'm sure.

I'll post my wifi information for DQIX as soon as I get that far, then us DQ peeps can trade items and such! Supposedly Gamestop is going to have some kind of downloadable quest thingie later this month, as well.
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Dragon Quest IX comes out in North America on July 11th so plan ahead now to decide which sandals go best with your DS's color.

It's interesting that we're getting IX before VI, but since Nintendo's publishing it, I'm assuming they want to try and bolster DQ's image in the west before going ahead with VI. I'm not really bothered one way or another, especially because IX looks so awesome.

Here's some more preview pics! The character customization really looks like a lot of fun. See, this is what I'd wish they'd let us do in the new Pokemon games. Everyone's character looking the same is pretty boring.

Amazon has it up for preorder already, so you know what to do.
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Welcome to DQNN, the Dragon Quest News Network. I'm slimequest, and here are today's headlines.

Dragon Quest IX announced for North America, to be published by Nintendo! This could be helpful in DQ's popularization over here in the backwards West, but I'm hoping Nintendo will let Square-Enix handle the translation and all that. Better not censor my puff-puffs, either!

Still no word yet on Dragon Quest VI DS's North American release date, but with the announcement of DQIX it's almost a certainty.

DQ Translations has released an English patch for the PS2 version of Dragon Quest V! You'll need some way to play PS2 backups in order to enjoy this, but it's definitely a fine translation effort. I still say support DQ in North America by buying the DS version, but it's nice to now be able to play all three versions in English!

In case you weren't aware, The SNES versions of Dragon Quest I & II, as well as Dragon Quest III, are now translated as well! These are the prettiest versions of said games so far, unless you count the gorgeous-looking but completely unattainable mobile phone versions of them which are now out in Japan. Give us a DQ I-III Loto Trilogy on DS, please!

And finally, don't forget about DQ spinoff games, including DQ Monsters: Caravan Heart and Taloon's Great Adventure, which both have translations done as well.

Thank you, goodnight, and don't forget to save. Stay tuned for slime tossing and bunnygirl curling, two olympic events Alefgard is sure to get gold in.
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For all my PS3 people: fl0w is available for free on the PSN today only, so go download it or something. I played approx. 1 minute of it before I had to go to work, but rest assured it felt GOOD to play it for that minute. Because it was free.

I'm not sure what the plans are for Valentine's this year (I'm leaving it up to her, I'm still all romance'd out from Christmas), but I'm hoping it will relate to this:

Yeah, I'm hoping she'll totally be willing. To play Dragon Quest games with me.


Feb. 21st, 2009 04:29 pm
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Welp, I'm screwed, apparently.

If you click the image you should be able to take your own quiz and determine who might be best for you! (You might have to register at Square-Enix members but they have other good stuff there too so it's worth it)

Some more info about our potential brides-to-be, from the official site:

images )

P.S. you win $0 if you can guess what I've been playing lately~
As I'm sure all the awesome people on my FL know, Dragon Quest V comes out next month. And one of the crucial aspects of the game is the classic "big question" - who are you going to marry? It's a much tougher choice than choosing between the Esper or sword forms of Ragnarok, I assure you. Let us discuss the choices, shall we?

Dragon Quest cool people click here )

Conveniently, DQV comes out right after Valentine's Day, so it makes a great "oops I forgot to get you flowers" gift, and a present of a heart-shaped box with a preorder slip for the game inside would melt anyone's heart. Remember, the couple that games together, stays together.
slimequest: (Slime Slash???) has Dragon Quest Swords for Wii on sale now, so I finally picked it up. I was planning on waiting until I had no other games to play, but that never quite works out... plus, you know, it's on sale.

Anyway, I pretty much suck at it so far, but it's really fun. Holding up your Wiimote all BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL-ish to do your Mighty Blow is strangely therapeutic. Also, Fleurette is hot and French. That's really all you need to know about this game, except that the first-person perspective makes some parts of the game seem like rollercoasters/thrill rides, which is of course, awesome.

Besides furious Wiimote slashings, I've been slowly working through Metal Gear Solid 3 again. I'm going for the Kerotan/Tsuchinoko prizes and I got most of the other ones my first playthrough, except The End's camo. I'm just playing it through on normal again for fun, getting to use the Patriot from the start is a real treat. I'd forgotten just how amusing the radio convos in this game are, it's enough to make me not miss Otacon being around, which is a huge feat unto itself.

I've also been fumbling through MGS: VR Missions as I have not really gotten the chance to yet. Honestly, just have the Theme of Tara playing in the background and I can do anything over and over again. IMPRESSIVE, SNAKE.
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The ESRB has confirmed an E 10+ rating for Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the DS! Meaning... DQ4 DS is coming out here!

This along with the announcement of FFIV DS coming out here this summer pretty much makes me gleefully happy :D~
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Dragon Quest Swords for the Wii has finally been announced for a US release, on February 26th. Yay.


Now, back to wallowing in fear of finals until they're over! :D
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Dragon Quests IV, V, and VI planned for DS remakes

Here's hoping for a release outside of Japan :D Unlike most other shameless remakes, these are long overdue to be re-released (or released at all) over here. I knew there was some reason I kept putting off playing DQs V and VI.


Dec. 12th, 2006 05:20 pm
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Hey Dragon Quest IX is coming out for the DS and that sounds pretty awesome, especially now that Final Fantasy III has proven how capable the DS is of being a great RPG console. And Wi-Fi multiplayer could be neat.

Plus, thank gawd it's not going to cost me 599 U.S. dollars to play it!

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