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Hard to believe that exactly a week ago I was at our local Hartford-based anime con, Connecticon. It's sort of a dinky little thing that proclaims itself "everything and the kitchen sink", not JUST anime. Of course, all I care about are the anime/video game aspects of it, but it usually manages to pull through for me regardless.

I've felt like it's kind of gone downhill the past couple of years, but then again I never attend panels or watch any of the anime provided there, so I'm pretty much basing this entirely on the dealer's room offerings. I had to actually scour long and hard to find things to blow money on, and that's pretty bad. Still, I saw a lot of AWESOME cosplay so I wasn't disappointed or anything. But I do feel like we need to "step up our game" next year, perhaps attending Anime Boston or some other larger-scale con.

Cosplay photos under the cut )

Anyway, I'll have [ profile] krile snap some pics of a few of the goodies we picked up while there, but we're both recovering from "con flu" at the moment, so it might be a few days. Yes, we both got lots of hugs! I guess dressing up as tragic magical girls and/or lots of rainbows will have that effect on people, especially in that environment.
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The past couple of weeks have been kind of odd. [ profile] krile was on vacation for a while, so I took this opportunity (as I always do) to play games into ridiculous hours of the morning, in my underwear, slightly buzzed from the sweet nectar that is root beer.

I mean, I do all that stuff when she's around anyway, but it's somehow different. I mostly played Metal Gear Online and Riviera: The Promised Land (PSP version).

MGO came out with an expansion pack that, among other things, lets you create female characters. Of course I did so, because the guy characters are mostly hideous, and I have to say that I am treated differently when playing as a girl. I never got "a/s/l????" questions when playing as my male character, if I did well on a round I got teabagged/gangbanged afterwards, and some guy kept lamenting after he killed me once "oh god i can't believe i killed a girl".

So, ladies, let me just say that I think I understand you all a bit more after this. Being a woman is tough. Especially when grenades are involved.

And yes, I've still not beat Riviera. See, I got quite far in the GBA version, then I got sidetracked, then the PSP version was announced, so I waited for that to come out. But I'm having fun with it, despite the fact that seeing the bath scenes in the PSP version is way harder than on the GBA. Seriously, it takes a lot of skill to make Ein do heterosexual things. BUT I WILL SEE THEM ALL, POKEMON.

These games are just me distracting myself from going insane over not being able to play Final Fantasy IV DS, because Krile has stolen it and kept it all to herself until she beats it. Or so she says. Being subjected to hearing how AWESOME it is and hearing the familiar music all the time is driving me insane with jealousy.

We also both went to Connecticon, our local anime/video game/nobody cares about your tabletop RPGs convention. It was amusing as always, and there were some actual GOOD cosplayers, like this really hot Misa Misa who had L handcuffed to her <3 But, there were, as always, bad ones.

There was a Zell cosplayer. He was sitting at a table near the snack stand where they sold nachos, hot dogs, etc. And what was on his plate? Pizza. ZELL was eating PIZZA when they had hot dogs for sale. I'm sorry but you have to be IN CHARACTER always. You even have to go to the bathroom the way you think your character would, because dammit I payed money to see your sorry ass walking around.
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You guys, they had two copies of Star Ocean 1. And the Super Famicom versions of FF4 and FF6. It's awesome to see them up close. They had the Japanese versions of some DS games for sale too, like Xenosaga I + II and that.. Jump Superstars orgy game or whatever. They were trying to sell Greatest Hits versions of some PS1 games (US versions) for sixty bucks though, wtf.

Cosplay as you would expect. If I see one more Roxas... at least I saw an Eight (DQ8 hero) cosplayer. Stupid me forgot the camera today, but I'll take some pictures tomorrow for sure.

Got to see some Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. Episodes 3 and 4, the board game episode (lolz) and that episode with the redheaded woman with boobs. First time I've seen this series at all. It's pretty interesting, moreso than I thought it would be. Too bad they were only showing eps. 1-4, because the next episode had that demon girl with boobs in it that [ profile] krile was telling me about ;_;

It was lots of fun, though, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. I've never been to any of those HUGE anime cons so something like this is a big deal for me. My loot today consisted of a nice KOS-MOS figure and a Dragon Quest V figure (I got lucky and got the hero). [ profile] krile mostly splurged on Tales of Phantasia and Tsubasa Chronicle stuff, which she will most assuredly detail in a post soon.

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