Jun. 10th, 2011 09:41 pm
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I realize I haven't updated my own journal in quite a while, and even then, the last entry was just some meme spam thing...

Anyway! Been keeping busy with my usual. I've been watching a lot more anime recently, actually, which is just so terrible productive-sounding. Currently plowing through Gintama like a boss (and enjoying every minute, naturally!) and trying to finish off some older, backlogged titles at the same time. I guess the only "current" series I'm keeping up with are Sket Dance, Nichijou, and C. Which are all pretty darn interesting in their own ways.

Game-wise, the PSN coming back has actually been giving me quite a bit to do. I've been getting pretty good at Arcana Heart 3, which is a first because ordinarily I just skim over the surface of fighting games and never really try all that hard with them. As a nice counterbalance, the new Wizardry game for PS3 has been satisfying my dungeon-crawling needs quite nicely. I really should get back into Etrian Odyssey III after this, too...

Oh, and Terranigma is both "recapturing my lost childhood by playing this game I was robbed of back then" and "playing a really good game" at the same time, which is always a winner.

Real-life wise... uh, I got nothin', sorry. Still stuck at my "not having anything to do with my education" job, but it's really not all that bad. Just glad to have one, really. Considering I lack any kind of ambition whatsoever, it'll remain to see what I actually do with myself from here on out. I'm pretty much ridiculously happy other than wanting slightly more money, so maybe I should just count my blessings?

Oh, and I started reading Homestuck (finally). Just got done with Act 1. How ashamed should I be that I've seen all these movies displayed on those posters, unironically, when they first came out?
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Haha, I was bored so I just watched the first episode of Slayers in Spanish.

... how bad is it that Lina's Spanish voice is better than her English one?

I think I should watch more 90s-era anime in Spanish from now on. Hearing the theme songs dubbed is pretty awesome XD And I understood almost everything that was being said, so, I rule!
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You guys, they had two copies of Star Ocean 1. And the Super Famicom versions of FF4 and FF6. It's awesome to see them up close. They had the Japanese versions of some DS games for sale too, like Xenosaga I + II and that.. Jump Superstars orgy game or whatever. They were trying to sell Greatest Hits versions of some PS1 games (US versions) for sixty bucks though, wtf.

Cosplay as you would expect. If I see one more Roxas... at least I saw an Eight (DQ8 hero) cosplayer. Stupid me forgot the camera today, but I'll take some pictures tomorrow for sure.

Got to see some Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. Episodes 3 and 4, the board game episode (lolz) and that episode with the redheaded woman with boobs. First time I've seen this series at all. It's pretty interesting, moreso than I thought it would be. Too bad they were only showing eps. 1-4, because the next episode had that demon girl with boobs in it that [livejournal.com profile] krile was telling me about ;_;

It was lots of fun, though, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. I've never been to any of those HUGE anime cons so something like this is a big deal for me. My loot today consisted of a nice KOS-MOS figure and a Dragon Quest V figure (I got lucky and got the hero). [livejournal.com profile] krile mostly splurged on Tales of Phantasia and Tsubasa Chronicle stuff, which she will most assuredly detail in a post soon.

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