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Wow, has it really been a week since I posted that? Anyway...

Following up with my first post on the subject, I'll toss out some questions to those planning on participating. Might as well make this thing work out as well as it can for us, right?

I'll be trying to get the word out about this thing a bit as time goes on. Remember, this won't start until summer, so there's still plenty of time to sign up. That means you, YES YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW, can come have fun with us!

Might as well iron out the particulars while we have time )

I'll probably be making the actual community for this thing soon enough, so you won't have to endure many more entries in my main journal about this... probably. It'd be easier on you to just succumb to temptation and join us anyway
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I've seen lots of people I know on LJ start up pretty successful and interesting communities and events lately, and it gave me an idea of something I might try out, if there's enough interest. So that's where this post comes in!

Basically, I was thinking we could gather a community this summer (when I assume most people would have more free time than usual) and pick one ROM per month for us all to play together. I figured we would probably focus on 16-bit games because they're probably the best balance between "oh god can my computer play this" and "is that supposed to be a cat or a dragon?". Oh, and this would primarily be RPGs and action-RPG-type-games. You know me.

If we pick one ROM a month, I think that's leisurely enough to fit in with all our other responsibilities. I don't necessarily expect everyone to finish the game in that timespan, but at least play enough of it to experience most of what it has to offer.

Speaking for myself, I know I have a huge backlog of modern games I payed good money for and all that, so I wouldn't expect to take up too much of mine or anyone else's time. Many SNES RPGs, for example, clock in under 30 hours of gameplay, which isn't terribly demanding. And considering this wouldn't cost anyone anything, I think pretty much anyone willing to play could participate. Whatever device you're currently reading this with can more than likely play these games.

Let's play underappreciated games, and write (non)terrible fanfiction about them. Okay maybe skip step 2. )
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[ profile] krile, her brother, my brother, and myself all attended the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert last night in NYC. And as it goes with trips to NYC, wacky and unexpected things ensued.

Okay, first about the concert itself )

But then on the way home... )

I'll let [ profile] krile tell you about ~shopping~ with likely accompanying pictures. We didn't get much since we had to lug it around with us most of the time, but it's still some nice swag. I wish we could've just taken all of Kinokuniya with us (as usual), but considering all the other unexpected expenses we had that day, I think it's for the best.

Oh, I did get to try White Castle for the first time too, actually. Pretty damn good. The fact that they list calorie content up on the menus on the wall is kind of disheartening, but I think with all the walking we did things evened out /denial


Mar. 29th, 2011 02:31 pm
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Yo guys I made a tumblr like everyone seem to be nowadays. It'll probably mostly consist of wacky screenshots and wordy reviews of older games and all that, you know me. Maybe a tiny bit of ponyspam but I'll try to limit it... I promise! Anybody else have one that I haven't started following yet...?

Let's see... other than that, the videogame industry is literally trying to kill me by coming out with so many must-have portable games all in a row. Right now I'm getting through the postgame of Pokémon White and playing Dissidia 012. Hopefully I can finish off most of that before Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection comes out... I'm really excited about it, even if I've played that game in one form or another dozens upon dozens of times over. Hey, it's FFIV. No explanation necessary.

Still, it's so bad that I'm actually neglecting Dragon Quest VI of all things! I didn't want to finish off my only unbeaten DQ game too quickly, but still...

I'm also messing around with White Knight Chronicles for PS3. A bit late, I know. It's actually pretty fun, I like how it actually has an offline story mode to play in addition to its online mode. Also made more fun by virtue of me playing a humanized Rarity from MLP:FiM as my character, but yeah
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Pokémon White

Trainer name: Kohak

FC: 4899 5333 6778

Oshawott wott~

Since it seems like many of the fangirls on my flist chose the boy, I'm rockin' the girl trainer this time around. It's not like I was forced into being her or anything

By the way, I think this might already be my favorite in the series. It just feels so... new and exciting. Case in point: NO ZUBATS IN CAVES HOLY CRAP?!?!?!

Post ur pogeymans codes plz~ Also I have some Petilils for people playing Black, if you need one.
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Perhaps some of you have heard about this new My Little Pony show, on some dark corner of the internet. Maybe you've seen pony icons such as mine around LJ, and maybe you've even had people mention how the show's pretty good. Even more surprising, some of those talking about the show may have been male.

Well, I'm here to explain things for you. Not only what it is and why people like it, but also why you, too, should consider giving it a shot. This post will be full of information, full of image macros, full of... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

If you click on one LJ cut this year, let this be it )

*now edited with higher-quality video links added at the bottom!*
Game on, ElJayers! You can diagnose your friends in Sim Hospital or steal crops from your neighbors in Farm Frenzy. Check out all our new games in the Game Center!

Only if I can actually play doctor with that terrifying and yet oddly intriguing Sim Hospital lady.

In other news, oh my god, why do you have to come out so soon, Pokemon Black and/or White. I want to play, but still...
Stop looking up at me like that, Sim Hospital lady.

It's making me feel all funny.
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The full SaGa 2 DS patch was finally released!

Go and play it, if you've got a DS flashcart. It's good. You can be a robot that does karate, a badass dragon that accidentally morphs into a little fairy or something, and many other fun choices.

So far, it seems to work fine on my Acekard, but my R4's being stubborn. I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a patch to fix that soon, or at least I hope they do.
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It's not really fair to me (or really possible) to pick just one, since I played so many good games last year. But here's a list of games that may or may not qualify to be on such a list, except that I just so happened to play them during 2010!

Yes, this is basically just cheating so I can talk about games I like okay )

I probably forgot about a bunch of other fun games I played, but I think I covered the essentials... looking back, 2010 wasn't so bad, gaming-wise. I keep thinking video games are doomed or something, but then I realize how many genuinely great games come out each year. And we always have those classics we never played to fall back on, right?
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Since [ profile] nemissa posted about her "geek tree" on Twitter, I thought I'd share some pics of ours.

Keychains: They make good ornaments for the lazy )

Welp, that's it for now. Hope everybody has a happy holiday, and more importantly, gets awesome presents!
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(I haven't posted in forever, so here's something)

30 Days of Video Games Day Six: Favorite puzzle game

Puzzle games are kind of an odd genre for me. I typically don't go looking for one to play, so much as I stumble onto them randomly and get into them. Once that happens I enjoy them well enough, though. I think the last puzzle game I actually asked for or purchased for myself was... the NES version of Dr. Mario? Yeah.

But there's one game I discovered that has become THE ULTIMATE PUZZLE GAME

Imports. Why is it always imports? )
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It'll be [ profile] krile's birthday in less than an hour, at least where we're from. Won't you join me in celebrating it with her? Please post all of the reasons why you think Krile is awesome in this entry, so that she will see how much we all love her!

Some of my favorite things about Krile:

- She helps me with random videogame puzzles that I might be extremely temporarily stuck on

- She smells nice and has pink toenails (basically, that she is a girl)

- She manages to fangirl but in a way that doesn't completely send me running away, screaming into the night (a responsible fangirl!)

- She watches fanservice-y shows with me (that are aimed at guys mostly) and likes them

- She makes me laugh, mostly when we make fun of things together. Most people can't do this!

So, because of all these things and many more, I hope you have a happy day~<3
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30 Days of Video Games Day Five: A game that really reminds you of someone

And the leading contender for easiest answer in this meme is... )
Okay so the specs of the PSP2 have kind of not really been revealed, it's all a bunch of rumors right now. But supposedly, it's not going to have a UMD drive, or any kind of removable media for its games. So basically, like a PSPGo, only desirable.

Of course, I'm in the "physical copy plz" mindset and probably always will be, so this makes me kind of sad. Won't it be bizarre to have a major gaming platform with zero boxes in stores? Or maybe they'll still sell boxes with download vouchers and manuals in them or something...? Still, this means whatever backwards compatibility the PSP2 has won't include UMD-only PSP games, so I'll be continuing to use my original PSP for a while.

I guess I can't blame a game company for wanting to circumvent the horrible Gamestop situation of used games, meaning zero profit to developers beyond the initial sale. But I wonder how an all-digital console will really fare? You can't borrow or sell games, which are two of the biggest ways to experience games you're not so sure about. Being unable to return or sell a horrible game I might've accidentally bought is a definite minus. And I'll bet parents of young gamers would like the ability to sell the horrible shovelware their kids have gotten tired of, in order to buy them more.

Just to be clear, the UMD format basically does suck ass. Load times are too long and reading from them drains battery power moreso than digital copies. But certainly it could be improved upon, maybe some baby Blu-Rays? See, that would be cute, and I'd get to keep my physical copy. The PSP has had some really nice limited editions and all that, how would it even work for download-only games? WHERE ARE MY FANCY BOXES AND ARTBOOKS

All that being said, if a console had to go all-digital, it makes the most sense for it to be a handheld. I'm still crotchety about it, though. *shakes fist*

On the plus side, its power is apparently going to rival the 360's, which sounds awesome. Plus I'm hoping to finally get PS2 games playable on a portable.
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30 Days of Video Games Day Four: A game that made you sad

Just like a game can make you happy in a lot of different ways, games can cause sadness like that, too. Here's a game with sad content, a sad fanbase (or anti-fanbase?), and just... yeah. It tugs on the heartstrings!

Yes, I realize my tags spoil the game behind the cut )

Considering Crystalis came out in 1990, they really didn't give the planet much of a chance, did they? Oh well, maybe next year. KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

Also, you should play this game, it's awesome. If I had to describe this game in two screenshots, these would be them:

"You have to have balls of fire (that you got from a pink treasure chest) to transform yourself into a girl and get the Bow of Moon, or something"

Simply inspirational.

Things I have learned from this game:

1. What the material "opal" is
2. You have to be at least level 3 to hurt a vampire
3. Never trust specifically-predicted doomsday dates (all those people who join cults should've played this game and saved themselves the trouble)
4. You're never supposed to play the Gameboy Color version, apparently.

I hope you have enjoyed "Crystalis, ~fuck yeah~"

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30 Days of Video Games Day Three: A game that makes you really happy

This is a tough one (explaining why it's taken me this long to get to part three...) because "happy" can mean so many different things. The game that I chose made me happy simply due to the fact that it was released at all, plus it made me happy while I was playing it, and the ending was a happy one as well:

I keep using the Japanese boxart, I can't help it )

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